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Posted by 8 angry inches on February 02, 2017 at 11:44:53:

In Reply to: appreciate it Jack! posted by sam kaufman on February 01, 2017 at 14:51:20:

: : : : : Jack Pollon put a tweet that Elijah Scranton is an 18 year old sophomore. Jack actually put sophomore in all caps. Justin Credible might be right about Pollon. Jack never said anything about Riley Battin's age or that Spencer Freedman is an older player. And Jack has no business to call that kid out like that. Most dads would have to see Jack on that one. And if Jack is desperate to call someone out be a man & call out a man. The coach at Village is pulling some lame stunts over there but Jack is always giving him praise. If he wants to attack Village then attack the coach not a kid. That program is in the trash.

: : : : that was a low blow ....definitely an agenda
: : : :

: : : Jack is an idiot

: :
: : Jack Pollon tweeted it and Sondy couldn't wait to jump on that wagon. No. Neither Jackie or Sondy has ever said anything about Battin or Freedman. I dare someone to say that there's no agenda with these 2? Sondheimer should be ashamed. He actually works for the newspaper. Jackie is a racist jerk that the African American and Latino community somehow continues to support. I don't get it. People on this forum can say what they want about me and what I say. But I’m honest, fair and across the board. There’s no agenda. My son is a 50% fg shooter during the layup line. I get it. Ok. That’s my son. If Jackie was fair with criticism, then I’d call him a jerk and go back to teaching my son how to use the glass. But when Jackie’s targeting a certain group of kids and puts my son’s age online etc I’d have to ask him to step outside for a chat.
: : Pollon sent the tweet out yesterday and was disgusted. Look... 18 is an old sophomore. I’m not too upset with Pollon saying something. But I’ll say it again, he picks and chooses who he says things about and it’s not coincidence that he’s said these things about people from the African-American community. JN is right, have you ever seen a post from Jackie or Sondy asking “why have all of these kids left Village?” Has any of these “reporters” questioned the coach who everyone that has played jv basketball can see is one of the worst coaches in SoCal high school history. Yes he’s one of the worst. Junior and senior transfers every year, bad basketball, bad play calling, nepotism and now this. “What’s ‘this’ Justin?” I’ll tell you. Who do you think likely gave Jackie the age and plans of Scranton? Village’s coaches are being proactive to excuse why kids are jumping ship from that school.
: : Coach Shenanigans (Coach Shaw, Village Christian) and Jackie Pollon share secrets during pillow talk. I get it. Coach Shenanigans is gently rubbing Pollon’s beer gut and tugging on the hairs between his belly button and pubes.
: : Jackie says, “Stop playing with my treasure trail.”
: : Shenanigans responds with, “Hey… I messed up. Everyone now knows that I can’t coach. Do you want to help daddy?”
: : Jackie “We won’t let these --------- ruin you.”
: : Shenanigan “Did you say ---------?”
: : Jackie “I said it with an A not an ER. That makes it ok.”

: : I actually appreciate Jack giving us the info that the Village kid will be too old to play his senior year. Battin & Freedman will not be 19 before July 15 0f their senior year & are eligible to play. Those are the facts - Thank You Jack!

I'm going to defend Jack Pollon a little bit only because there's a whole lot of people that thinks that he's racist. He's fanned the flames to think so. He's done some real racist stuff lol but I don't think that he's a racist. He's just stupid. No offense to him. I like him whenever we've crossed paths. But the guy is an idiot, not racist.
Can you blame someone for being stupid. I don't think so. So let him play on twitter and blog all that he wants. Are there repercussions to stupidity? Sure. Will Elijah Scranton's dad confront Jack? Idk. But let's be fair. In all of the stupid things that Jack says and does the kid is an 18 year old sophomore. If anything we should be asking Jack why he called him a "Super Sophomore" last week and now saying that he's 18. Even tho Jack isn't the sharpest pencil in the box he should know better than to get in bed with a Village Christian coach. I'm with some of the other posters. This feels like the coach at Village is watching the walls falls around him and instead of being a man he's throwing kids under the bus. Bennie Boatwright has already started to denounce Village Christian.

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