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Posted by Coward on January 26, 2017 at 21:40:52:

In Reply to: Re: Freeway League posted by In the Know on January 23, 2017 at 08:39:47:

: : : : : : : : : : I will be attending the Sonora vs Troy game tonight. I see troy is 3-0 in league while Sonora is 2-1. Will troy beating Sonora be an upset or is troy a legitimate contender to win the league? I also would not count out Buena Park just yet!

: : : : : : : : : Sonora should win by 15! Not sure how in the world they lost to La Habra. Sonora is the best coached team in North Orange Coast unless you count the girl's team at Brea!

: : : : : : : : I stand corrected!! It took overtime to beat Troy last night. Good home crowd atmosphere. Freeway league is getting very tight with Sunny Hills beating Buena Park. I stand by my prediction that Sonora will win it, but clearly NOT a run away favorite any longer.

: : : : : : : Yeah you are right! It was a very close game. Why do you think it was so close? Sonoras big guy left a lot to be desired. Should be interesting down the stretch to see who ends up winning this league!

: : : : : : Sonora best coached team? Really did u know they lost to a bad but well coached Servite team?

: : : : : I don't know much about the coach at Servite however maybe you can enlighten us on why Harrick, Parker and Hughes all left the program. I do believe a big part of coaching is developing your players. Hard to develop them when they leave your program...
: : : : Parents have kids leave every program. The post was about how Somora lost to a team that's not very good. They must be well coached because they did win. I checked max preps . Kids leave schools like crazy it's the culture of the high school game. Coach is too tough, leave. Son doesn't start, leave. Parent thinks son is better than he really is, leave. Come on man, do you live under a rock?

: : : Two of those kids left because they weren't Trinity league players. Couldn't handle the pressure

: : So when a team with bad players wins then it was due to good coaching but the same team loses then it was the players?! I would argue that in this case it is actually the opposite. That is, Servite gets a lot of good talented players all the time yet they lose to public schools more than any other Trinity league team!! I think the coaching there has been bad for a while and that is the real reason players leave.
: The Original post was about the freeway league.
: Jake Rivera,Christian Alvis-Labadie,Tre Smith,Brandon Rice,Tyler McClean,Brandon Harrick,Pearson Parker, Jacob Hughes,Brendon Harrick. This doesnt include the players who stopped playing but stayed enrolled. It also doesn't include the countless players who chose
: to go somewhere else (Both Sinek's) because of their Coaches.
: Morris is a good game planner. He can't coach.
: (Couso is a compulsive liar) and lets not even bring up the head of basketball operations Zack Reeder.

The guy that wrote is a want to be coach infullerton who is a joke. His two sons are good kids but they both are below average players and that's due to him. He can't coach but acts like he is. His son rode the pine and the younger one went to another school . This happens a lot. Parents want to coach their sons, do a poor job then hide behind their computer and attack real coaches. Those that can do , those that can't hide behind their laptop

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