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Posted by Joel Francisco on January 23, 2017 at 14:35:56:

In Reply to: Re: If you have a problem...face the issue posted by 8 angry inches on January 19, 2017 at 15:25:18:

: : : : : : : Sondy tweets out that a football player transferred out of Alemany. Jack Pollon decides to throw his 2 cents in and says "I'm sure for academic reasons." Why?
: : : : : : : I was laughing with a friend of mine over his constant ill advised tweets and comments. We're all laughing at Lil'P, even though I'm sure that he's convinced that we're laughing with him. But there's a lot of social ills in our laughter about this. Hold on, Credible's about to get serious.
: : : : : : : Lil'P has no knowledge of the sports that he convers. He doesn't know football, basketball, soccer etc. He will never be confused for a coach and absolutely not an athlete. Bowling is not a sport. Yet he walks into gyms and actually sits at the press box and gives his ill witted analysis. Fine, I can get over that. What I have trouble with understanding is how the African American and Latino community isn’t in arms over this guys constant jabs at specific athletes. Pollon knows better than to make any of his infantile comments about anyone from the Jewish community. We've had transfers. I did not see or hear him question Spencer Freedman's transfer to Mater Dei. Maybe he's smart enough to not deal with us.
: : : : : : : Jordan Starr left Heritage Christian for Village Christian. Pollon then spent 30 days telling us about how great Village was going to be with him. There wasn't one comment about it being an athletic move. Let's not forget that Pollon was trashing Bagley's transfer. He now sees that he has little power and the Bagley ticket to the Miami Heat is already punched so he's trying to jump on the bandwagon. It just feels like Lil'P feels the need to push out his chest and make a negative comment on players that have a little more melanin in their skin than others.
: : : : : : : I'm not playing the race card here. I'm just trying to understand what it is? Can people from the African American and Latino community explain this to me. I mean that with all seriousness. What is it that makes it ok for him to do this? Don't tell me that it hasn't been accepted? It has. Have you seen him walk through gyms shaking people's hands. Is is tweets, unprofessional and disrepectful comments, worth your pride? You guys do realize that the power of media is actually in your hands. If you don't acknowledge him, then he doesn't exist. If he's consistently insulted your community and you don't shake his hand and let him know why, all 5'6" of him will have to change or do sports reporting for the Aryan nation and the last time that I checked they're not exactly promoting their athletic programs.
: : : : : : : I don’t know Lil’ P and I don’t intend to. I will not have a conversation with him and will not shake his hand. I’m a man of pride. His actions has said enough. Remember in 2008ish when Sondy was basically harassing Renardo Sydney. Yes, I know that Sydney had his own issues. But the energy and excitement that Sondy had to bring the kid down was terrible. I didn’t think that it was racially motivated, just a jerk hell bent to ruin a kid. Lil’ P idk. His actions aren’t racial undertones. They’re waves.

: : : : : : Justin Credible, Please email me.

: : : : : A spade is a spade. Jack hasn't apologized for what he's said. All that his done is tell people that they need to get over it. That's arrogance and his little tweets are racist. Don't email him. Don't call him. Let me him apologize on the same forum that he's been using. For the guy that didn't see the tweets. Just look at his tweets & replies. It's right there. It isn't ironic that he has stuff to say when it's a child of color. Nobody's confusing Jack Pollon for a journalist. But that doesn't excuse him from be called out. A kid leaving could be for 1,000 different reasons. Why mess with his eligibility or how he's perceieved? If Jack is apologetic then let him apologize & then stop with accusations & runmor spreading with kids of color. Stick to over selling the Valley private schools.

: : : : I want to believe that Jack just simple minded and doesn't understand what he's saying. But even I've noticed a bad pattern for a few years. I agree that he should publicly apologize and just talk about sports as they are and try not to give his opinions. There's no need for any back and forth. A public apology would be a power message and show how much of a man that he is.

: : : I only know about this guy Jack P. because you mention him Justin. If you don't mention him, I don't even have a clue about his existence.

: : If you guys have an issue with Jack Pollon, why not confront him in a civil manner instead of blasting him on a message board using psuedo--although clever at times--names. Confront the issue...Talk to Jack, have a conversation with least he's not afraid to put his opinion out there whether you agree with him or not....I encourage people to come up to me whether they agree or disagree with me regarding player rankings...

: "Player rankings" and poorly vield prejudiced comments ain't the same. To even compare the 2 is crazy. Go back to bed if you think that they are. That "at least he's not afraid to put his opinion out there" shows that you're missing the point. It's not that he's putting his opinion out there. It's that he seems to always have an "opinion" when it's a kid of color even if a white kid does the same stuff. So stick to messing up player rankings instead of trying to defend your buddy. You want to do right by him, then openly say that he needs to either get his act together and apologize or just continue on but accept and admit what he is.

That's exactly what I meant...Confront him on the "race" issue...especially in this day and age where racism is rearing it's ugly head...healthy conversation could go long way...Nobody confronts anybody in healthy ways anymore...we're in the keyboard gangster era...all pseudo names.

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