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Posted by Truth on January 23, 2017 at 14:34:53:

In Reply to: Re: Bol Bol vs. Marvin Bagley posted by IE Sam on January 23, 2017 at 13:53:27:

: : : : : : How did Bol Bol get eligibility this year and Bagley didnt last year?

: : : : : Sierra Cyn forgot to attach a Check!

: : : : Bagley's father stated that the move was
: : : : athletically motivated---that's why. BolBol's
: : : : father passed away a few years ago and his
: : : : mother and family moved out of Kansas to
: : : : Orange County officially last week.

: : : With no athletic motivation towards Mater Dai?? Cmon Man Get Real.. Bagley moved too, he's not commuting from AZ.
: : : Just Stop IT

: :
: : First of all, we all know almost every transfer, especially of top level athletes, is athletically motivated.

: : The main difference in this comparison, at least based on what is publicly known, is that Bagley's Dad told the media he was moving him for more exposure and better competition.

: : Sorry - but all arguments end for him right there. That is just dumb to do.

: : As for Bol, it appears they moved, didn't play anywhere, and provided documented proof of legal move.

: : Athletically motivated? No doubt. But not throwing it in everyone's face in the media.

: : And in the end, both of them will be fine getting whatever D1 scholarship they so want.

: Because its said in a news paper does not make it so. It's just an excuse. What if the dad have said, "we are moving for non-basketball reasons"? Would CIF had said, "good enough for us!" The Bagleys had many non-basketball reasons to leave (look at the case). From what I've seen the Bagley had more reason to be eligible than Bol Bol.

It is unfair and obvious Mater Dai has inside pull. Bagley had to make a residence change, obviously just like Bol. Proving something is athletically motivated is beyond subjective. Stop trying to rationale for Mater Dai. Bagley got screwed out of 1 year, case closed.

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