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Posted by Hoopster on January 21, 2017 at 12:02:06:

In Reply to: Re: Size does matter, long post. Fairfax, 3's company, Mission Coaches, Lakers posted by Open list - CIF on January 19, 2017 at 09:47:39:

: : : I'm giddy right now. Before the high school basketball season started I said that I'm throwing my fandom at Fairfax. Before Castor Troy reminds everyone that it was between St John Bosco and Fairfax, it's about what you do not what you almost do. Fairfax beat Westchester last night. Are they now 17-1? Every time that I've seen or read about Fairfax pg Hartwell I like this kid a little bit more. He's underrated. Like Janet from Threes Company. Everybody was fawning over Krissy. Krissy will give a highlight evening but she wasn't "settle down for a full season" material. Krissy's cherry picking at Chino Hills and wearing Big Baller Briefs. We all knew that we needed a Janet. Steady, smart, efficient. Bail is proving that he can coach. Sorry, the Lavar Ball apprentice years do not matter. I would have liked to see that game but Chaminade played Harvard Westlake.
: : : Can I get a "Justin Credible" chant at Chaminade games? I had nothing to do with the hiring of coach of the year Palarz, but I did start the conversation about Chaminade's nepotistic operations and we put an end to that and you better believe that I was vocal at alumni events. Then 3 games into the season I said that we have a real shot at winning league. We're not in a soft league either. 4+1 years of college basketball, player coach MVP at Equinox and Pacific Palisades Adult league hof, I know a little bit about a little bit.
: : : Yesterday we beat Harvard Westlake and have Crespi at home next Wednesday. We can go 6-0 in our next six games. Harvard Westlake is going to be a tough team when those freshman are juniors. There were a lot of Juzang hecklers but I'd like to see him in blue and orange. Cassius Stanley is Harold Miner without the aggression. Great athlete but I'm not Sondy. Btw, I heard a few guys calling Sondheimer "Sondy" and "Lil' P" for Jack Pollon. Is Lil' P mad? Embrace it. Get a chain with a P hanging from it. Anyway... Crespi isn't beating us without Williams. When they're winning it was easy to ignore that they have the worst school colors in all of SoCal. I guarantee that the school colors were selected during the time of segregation. There's no way that an African American voted to wear brown and white. This might be a time that they actually beat us because of Coach White but I just think that they're too injured.
: : : Btw, top to bottom the Mission League has the best coaches. Loyola, great. Crespi, great. Chaminade, if you disrespect Palarz you should drown in a puddle. Harvard Westlake, very good. St. Francis, very good. Alemany, not bad. I was talking to a Heritage Christian parent last night and it's great that you guys like your coach. You should. But I've seen HC games. Let's not talk about coaching in that league.
: : : Or let's... Valley Christian, do not listen to Jack Pollon aka Lil'P. You are not ready for the open division. You beat HC and Village Christian. Are you gauging your success from that? Village Christian's best basketball coach is apparently coaching the girl's team. Did anyone hear about this? Somehow Village Christian has Andy Landers coaching the girls and Buddy Stephens coaching boys basketball. You can't beat SoCal's version of Last Chance U and think that it's time to go to the open division.
: : : Is there a program that anyone thinks is close to be ready to move up into the open division? I want to say Taft but I'll wait until February to see if January is still there.
: : : Chaminade's doing well, UCLA is a top 5 team... I need the Lakers to do something. They're unbearable to watch. They're a "top 5 unwatchable" team in the NBA. Mavs, Nets, Lakers, Heat, Magic. If those teams are playing I rather be a better husband and talk to my wife. I prefer not to, but I'm not watching those teams.

: : I thought of you last night when I saw that Chaminade beat Harvard Westlake! I was waiting for your response lol. St John Bosco seems to be a mess this year. I got faith in Dunn but how long will the administration pay him that healthy salary without him producing much? I'm glad for Baik because he's showing that he can actually coach and he got away from the CHHS mess. I don't know about moving someone up into the open division but you can take Etiwanda out of the open in my opinion. This year's team just doesn't have it.

: Is the watchlist supposed to be shrinking every week? It had 35 teams last week and the identical 35 this week? I am perplexed...

Was at the chaminade Harvard Westlake game . Harvard Westlake is a 2 man team . No team work or movement of the ball ., play zone against them they struggle .. Basically the mission league is a very evenly talented league when any night one team could beat the other . I have seen them
All play .. Crespi beat up and would of been one of the better teams without injuries .. Notre Dame inconsistent Loyola not bad along with st Francis . Alemany looks the most athletic then chaminadewith four good seniors and Kj .chaminades bench not deep with loss of a lot of kids from the Webb abunassar mess that is cleaning up . I don't see the mission league as deep like it has been the last few yrs or more ., Alemany strong due to their guards but without them average team .. It's too bd u don't see kids stick around bs teams play together for years . That's what missing too many transfers.

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