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Posted by 8 angry inches on January 17, 2017 at 12:26:56:

In Reply to: Re: Put back on your helmet and eat your ice cream posted by Unbelievable on January 17, 2017 at 12:16:01:

: : : : : : : : : : Was watching the Sierra Canyon game with a few other people that know a good deal about southern California prep hoops. One of them commented that Sierra Canyon buys players and their families...and that Sports Illustrated was going to do a story on it but Sierra spent a ton of money to make the story go away.

: : : : : : : : : : Got me thinking... Why would the Bagleys uproot themselves and move to Chatsworth... When Marvin already played in a nationally televised game with his AZ school as a freshman two years ago?

: : : : : : : : : : Another person I know said the same thing about them. They certainly have a built up an impressive program and team though.

: : : : : : : : : : I don't know who you were watching the game with but everything they were saying is true. Especially the part about the SI story and them making it go away. Money still can buy your way out of a lot. Since they have a bunch of seniors on the team and not much on the bench they are either reloading next year or they are going to take a huge step backwards. Nice run though but it's about over.

: : : : : : : : You think that Sierra Canyon has money to make an SI story go away? Ok. Good luck

: : : : : : : Yes- Feinberg

: : : : : : There's a few things wrong with your assumptions. Let's not put a rumor out there based on the reasons that you say. He wasn't playing a Sierra Canyon schedule in Arizona. If we're supposed to wonder why they moved to the valley, which isn't a bad place to move, let's wonder why Spencer Freedman left Santa Monica for Santa Ana? Have you been to Santa Ana? Why leave Santa Monica for most places?
: : : : : : Why would KJ Martin leave Oaks Christian for Chaminade in West Hills? Don't start any rumors about Chaminade. We're picking ourselves up after the Moore Massacre. The "Moore Massacre" is our years while Ryan Moore was coaching when players left and we somehow went 1-11 in league play with a 7'0" division 1 player.
: : : : : : It's a strong accusation to say that Sierra Canyon is buying guys. That's a real good early investment as well. Riley, Martin and Seiko have been there since middle school. Can we ask if Harvard Westlake is buying guys? Who's signing up for 8 hours of homework and a chance? Jack Pollon aka Lil' P says that Harvard Westlake's jv is 18-0. That's a farm system.
: : : : : : Is it ridiculous to question all schools? Yes. But so is your logic to question Sierra Canyon. I'm still scorned by not having a chance to see Miami Heat's #35 play last year because of unfounded speculation. No I will not get over it. Bagley should have been eligible last year and yes race was a factor.

: : : : : : You posted that already and it drew no response. Why? Because it actually shows your lack of actual knowledge of what goes on. Noting that the Sierra Canyon players were there during MS means nothing. That was part of Feinberg's plan. Get them in before anyone took note of what was going on and the CIF has no governing control over that. Moved Cody and his family from KC & bought Seiko's family to come there from Santa Clarita. I'm sure there is more.

: : : : : If you want to talk then at least know what the hell is and has been going on. You are clever and I will give you that but as far actually being an insider and knowing what goes on you have no clue. You are just waiting for someone to retell you the story, so you can spout it out in a cleverly worded post. Which are funny but like Trump's tweets lacking in substance. LMFAO trick.

: : : : Did you read my post? I said that it was a strong accusation, especially considering some factors and what's happening at other schools. Did you read my post or just glance over it and was a little too excited to post a 5th grade response? Did you read where I typed "That's a real good early investment as well"? It's there. If they had the foresight to get the kids in when they were in middle school, ok. Since you decided to run jump off the short bus with your number 2 pencil in hand because you thought that you had a good point, allow me to go a step further before you fall and hurt yourself. You said that Feinberg had a plan. Kudos to him for having a plan and sticking to it. Kudos to him for having a plan that actually helped kids that can play and not ruining a school for his own kids. Has he been trying to sell us that Feinberg JR is a division 1 player? No. Has we tried to overload the team and take away from their core group? No.
: : : : Then I said to look at all schools. Chino Hills was hijacked by a dad and we're worried about an actual "team"? Why would a 7'0" kid from Pennslvania go to Alemany? Alemany? Mission Hills? Have you been to Mission Hills? It's not like Alemany is a powerhouse? Are you taking notice at what's happening at Village Christian? Is paying players worse than paying "media people" to ignore the toxic place that is? Chaminade is now recovering from the Moore Massacre. I'd pay Maker to come back. I, personally, would pay for that kid to come back. Does he need braces?

: : : : I read it and read it the 2nd time you posted it. He had a plan and he executed it but the sole basis for his plan was to pump up his kids and make them look good. he derailed his own plan with his craziness and out of control behavior so much so that he lost all access to the Program and is virtually banned. LOL.

: : : I don't need to pay attention to Village I've been there and done that buddy. I saw it up close when they went from 17-16 one year and 33-4 the next with a state championship. The coach thought it was because of him and not the players brought in. He believes his own hype. Now everyone sees he can't coach, can't interact with the players or parents well enough to keep a gravy train rolling. Alemany has had a good run and will finish with another League title and most likely nothing else. They will take a few steps back after this year. As far as falling off the short bus, I've never even seen the stop for that but it sounds like you are very familiar with it. If I need directions you will be my guy.

: : The last 2 posts brings up an interesting discussion. Ty Nichols at Sierra Canyon doesn't pretend to be a great coach. He knows that it's about the players. Maybe some were paid to go there but they didn't recruit at the players positions and Ty keeps the same 5 rolling, good or bad. A no arrogance coach in a system that may or may not pay players, but they kids love it and are successful. Now look. We're even claiming Bagley as a Californian.
: : Then there's Jon Shaw at Village. They won with transfers despite bad coaching. He had a chance to have a GREAT team for the next 3 years and messed it up. Arrogant guy, says negative things about families, creates a bad atmosphere, not well liked by anyone, but they don't pay for players.
: : If we're comparing I'd say that Village is worse than Sierra Canyon. Sierra Canyon is successful and the kids love it. Village Christian has all of the negatives that Chino Hills have with the record and schedule of a bad Foothill league team.

: You'd love it to if you were getting paid as YOU JUST STATED. If the kid's are having fun, then good for them! LMFAO!

: You are really saying that it is OK for Kids & Families to get paid and receive benefits as long as the kids have a great experience?! Wow, as a society we have lost our way...

Is that what I'm saying? I was saying comparatively. Thanks for chiming in Eddie Long.

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