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Posted by Many Factors on January 16, 2017 at 08:09:34:

In Reply to: Re: Private vs Public, Why go private? posted by JungleNutz on January 15, 2017 at 15:30:34:

: : : Right now I'm at my Sunday morning old man basketball full court games. You're wondering what type of game that I have at my age? I'm Supersonics' Detlef Schrempf. Not only because of race but because of my silky smooth mid range, threat from three, yet scrappy foreign lowpost game. After hitting the game winner I yelled that Jack Pollon needs to cover our sweaty old man games. Then a guy said that Jack put out a tweet saying that Valley Christian in Cerritos should be in the open division because they beat Heritage Christian and Village Christian. I thought that it was one of his unfunny jokes so I ignored it. At least he wasn't trying to sell us on the nepotistic Oak Park basketball scene again. But it opened up a GREAT discussion. A dad/coach/victim-of-my-high-knee-fadeaway gave a passionate debate about private vs public schools, why parents chase the lies of private schools rather than save money with public and that private school coaches are typically more crooked than public etc.
: : : We, the larger SoCal hoops community, should take credit for Chaminade not playing daddy ball this year. We put eyes on a developing problem. They had to let Palarz coach players based on what they can do and not who their dad is. We, got on Winward a little late but they now have to recognize that changing a coach every 6 months isn't good, not fair to the kids, and parents shouldn't be able to commandeer a school team. By the way. Most of the private schools don't offer better academics than most public schools.
: : : What I'm getting at is, why go private? Why deal with all of the fakery and nonsense of a private school? I understand wanting the Harvard Westlake's, Rebibo is a great coach with great hair. Anyone else feel like there's a group chat of moms calling themselves "Dave's Damsels"? Daniel Boatwright just left Village Christian. Wasn't Canoga better? The academics is better and he spent a whole year at Canoga and only a few months at Village.
: : : Is the jig up for schools like Winward, that change coaches to appease Dustin's mom or Village Christian who has, possibly the worst coaching that I've ever seen, on a 10 year contract? When the sport is less or equal to public, why go private? Pasadena is way better than Marthana.
: : : Thoughts?
: : I think you missed something in your well written post. Pick you school for education not hoops. I have found that in my case , my sons excelled in college and after due directly to good parenting and a private school education. That's why I would recommend a private school .

: Choose a school for everything. If your kid plays an instrument you'd look at the music program. We keep giving bad sport situations & coaching an excuse by blaming parents for choosing a school or leaving school because of sports. Why? If my kid went to Chino hills because I didn't know the situation I'd want to transfer once I saw that craziness. I'd want my kid to have a chance to play based on what he can or can't do. Same thing in the classroom. I know families that went to Buckley & it's a bad hoops spot & it's a keeping up with the Jones feel there. Maybe some families like rubbing shoulders with those folks. Idk but Taft & Alemany are the same in academics & court. Taft costs less. Lol.

I know there is sarcasm mixed in this thread, but there is truth to it.

First of all, schools shouldn't be picked solely because of sports or a certain coach. Coaches come and go. Teams get better or worse. Players come and go that affect playing time.

While academics is a prime concern, the overall school atmosphere (academic/athletic/extra-curricular/social/socio-economic/etc.) is important to a students overall development as a person.

And the bottom line is, for a lot of people, if they can afford it, private is the only option "because it must be better".

There are many good public schools and plenty of bad private ones.

Each family needs to make the decision based on what is best for their child.

Because the valley seems to be in focus here - Harvard Westlake and Viewpoint are probably the best academic shools. Harvard Westlake also has really good athletic teams. Both of these schools are very hard to get into and very expensive and most kids cannot qualify or afford them.

Reputation wise, private schools Alemany and Crespi do not have great academic reputations. OK to good, but not great. Sierra Canyon and Oaks get mixed reviews. Notre Dame is the "best" of the second tier and overall based on the factors outlined above is a solid choice (but still $20K when all is said and done). Chaminade probably after that.

On the public side, Granada Hills and El Camino are by far the best choices. Strong academics, especially for good students, and good athletics and other activities. But hard to get into.

Taft is OK academically, good at sports, but school is not well maintained. Birmingham is a good school with decent sports and activities.

And if you go a little west, Calabasas, Agoura, Westlake, TO, and Oak Park are good options.

There are good options both ways and there is no right or wrong answer.

However, it is obvious from the high number of transfers, that kids (or most likely parents) are chasing athletic glory, regardless of any other factors.

And for what it is worth, I have one kid who went to private school (and playing sports in college) and one going to a public school (who will play in college). Seen both sides.

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