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Posted by Mr. Pathetic on January 14, 2017 at 20:13:36:

In Reply to: Re: Foothill league updates posted by Pathetic on January 14, 2017 at 19:50:28:

: : : : : : : : Seems fair assessment of teams to this point...only one game in...Hoping my team, Hart, can make the small adjustments to right the I hope your predictions are correct...

: : : : : : : So here are "parent lines"

: : : : : : : Hart Minus 18 vs Canyon - Take Canyon their bench warmers might be better than Hart's.
: : : : : : : Valencia minus 3 vs GV (Keyes may have trouble trouble drawing up last shot on his hand) Take Valencia to cover
: : : : : : : Saugus Minus 1 1/2 vs West Ranch. Take West Ranch plus the points, Future Prep School Stub due for a big game and Saugus chemistry will get tested.

: : : : : : Sorry to disappoint all my supporters, but we got beat again. Maybe my kids should spend some more time in the starting 5 gym shooting baskets on the dr dish while i count my money

: : : : : Nice job James, I'll hit you up on my Instagram but right now I'm in bed boning my player's mom.

: : : : ..aww Clint get over your son being cut from tteam last year and giving up the game like his quitter father. All you can do now is post things like above from Shant or James? Get a life move on. Lmfao!!

: : : Nice try on being psychic!! I hope you don't quit your day job!!
: : : Sorry to disappoint you shady James, but Clint Eastwood was never a quitter, nor was he ever a basketball player. That's strike one. You've got 2 left....would you like to guess what's behind door number 2??

: : Hey James, here's something else for you to pay made rover in your tiny little kid just played the best game of his high school career against your sorry ass pathetic team. So I say to you, thanks for cutting him and making him quit the game. Oh wait, he didn't quit the game, he just didn't play YOUR game.
: : Your ego is almost as big as Shant's.
: : Enjoy the rest of your season. I look forward to playing your pathetic losers again.

: You are a very sad person. So you hate James and Shant and your kid had the best game of his hs career against them. But yet here you are dwelling on your hatred and calling other KIDS pathetic losers? I think you need to take a good look in the mirror. You are not behaving any better then the people you are trying to bash. Pathetic!

And here you are responding to me with the same amount of defensiveness because your kid probably doesn't get any playing time with his WR team. You are the pathetic one. And to make false accusations on this anonymous thread calling out someone by name? You should look in the mirror and ask yourself the same question. Your pathetic insinuation that Clint is my kid is by far the most absurd accusation yet. Like I said to guess what's behind door number 2?
See you In the stands! I'll have a smile on my face while I watch my kid play and you pick the splinters out of your kids ass.

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