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Posted by Short Memories...or No Prior Experience on January 09, 2017 at 01:24:59:

In Reply to: Re: Transfers, transfers, everywhere! posted by Hoop Fan 8 on January 08, 2017 at 21:22:14:

: I hope my initial post didn't come across as complaining-- I really am curious to see what other people think. But you bring up a good point. There isn't a lot of focus on the coaches (or the schools) when kids transfer--it's usually on the kid and the parents. I think it's a little bit of both--some coaches are shady or flat out can't coach...but some kids think they should be starting the minute to get to high school and want to transfer when they're not on the fast track to a D1 scholarship.

: I know a few other kids in the process of transferring right now. So if the problem is bad coaching, what can the schools do to attract and keep good coaches (besides paying them enough)?

: : : Why are there so many high school basketball transfers now compared to 20 years ago?

: : : Is it because we live in an instant gratification society, and parents and kids want instant success?

: : : Is it because of social media...people think the grass is greener on the other side of the fence because we have access to so much information about other programs because of Twitter, Instagram, Maxpreps, etc?

: : : Is it because kids aren't as resilient as they used to be so instead of toughing it out through difficult situations, they just run to the next situation?

: : : Think about how many kids have transferred schools during the past few seasons in southern California alone. It really is an epidemic.

: : : Curious to know if other people who follow prep basketball think it's a problem or not a big deal.

: :
: : Transfers are everywhere. In some cases it's a goin thing and the grass is greener on the other side. Didn't January transfer to Taft? If so, good move. Look at Shareef at Crossroads. He left a very shaky situation and is better off at Cross. A lot of it depends on coaching and if it's good for a kid or good at all. Too many times we hear guys say that a kid is leaving a difficult situation as if some of these coaches aren't crooked or just flat out bad for kids. I can't remember the kid's name, but a kid left Dominguez when Russell Otis was there and people were saying that he's running from a difficult situation. Then we find out that Otis is a sicko that should be locked up for life. On a lesser, what if your kid is at Winward and they change coaches every year. What if you're at Chino Hills, Village Christian where it's daddy ball?
: : Instead of complaining about kids transferring, wonder why they're transferring. There's some bad guys coaching. I'm not talking about x&o's. I'm talking about dirty situations that's fixed for their kids and buddy's kids instead of hooping. That's evil sh!t. So a kid at a place like Chino Hills should be able to run away from there.

Transfers have been occurring at about the same rate for more than 30 years. Most of you probably do not remember the 1990's and early 2000's when the CIF first instituted rules restricting transfer eligibility. That was in 2000 or 01 if I recall. Prior to that, a kid could transfer schools multiple times within the same season, not have to change residence, and still be immediately eligible for varsity.

I remember a kid from Inglewood, Bradley something or other, who transferred three times in the same season, all to different schools, and he played for each of those teams in the same season. This stuff used to happen all the time until the CIF enacted rules that required a kid to have a "bona fide change of address". Later, in the late 2000's and early 10's the CIF came up with other more detailed rules.

But the bottom line is that kids transfer all the time and always will, for any number of reasons, some athletically motivated, and some not (but to every outsider, because a kid plays a sport, the transfer must be athletically motivated). Personally, I've never understood the rationale that a kid can't transfer because he wants a better athletic environment. Kids transfer for all kinds of reasons: The other school has a strong music program, a better science curriculum, better math teachers, a bigger/smaller campus/student body, etc. Athletics are just one piece of the puzzle.

Same thing with coaches coming and going at certain schools. You mention Windward. Tough place to coach, tough school environment with a tough mix of parents. For decades Windward had one coach, wasn't very strong in basketball (they were known actually for baseball), but mostly were known as a highly academic, small school with a great arts program. Then, they got the same "bug" that strikes many small schools, and decided they could also be known as a high-achieving basketball small school. So they got rid of the conservative, long-time coach, the guy who used to just do the best with whoever showed up at the school, and hired a guy who actively recruited players. And when he got too bold and recruited too much, they fired him and got another guy, and so on and so on. Windward, to my mind, is actually a sad case of how to ruin a good small school's athletic program by over-recruiting players and trying to turn the place into something that it never was intended to be. but times change, people's priorities change, and this is what you get when you decide to jump into the deep end of the pool. Sometimes you swim and and sometimes you just sink like a stone.

As for Chino Hills, I hear a lot of outsiders complaining that this kid or that kid should leave, but I don't see anyone leaving and no one seems to be complaining too much. Winning has that effect, and no one is being held hostage, my friend. You think Chino is a tough situation? Try Westchester in the 1990's and 2000's, or Crenshaw. Or Mater Dei for the past 30 years. You think every kid on the bench at those schools got or gets equal playing time? Not a chance.

All I know is that I've been watching high school ball in Southern California for more than 50 years and things are the same as they've always been. What's ruining the game, IMHO, is the unbridled ego-mania that most parents display, the selfishness of today's players (that IS getting worse than it was in the past). There have always been controlling coaches who expect things to be done their way or not at all. Hell, aren't any of you old enough to remember tha John Wooden's teams during the 60's and early 70's only went 8 players deep at most, ever? Sometimes kids are on the team just to be ready as the next man up in case someone gets hurt, or to be practice players. That's just how it is in the real world. Hey, things are tough everywhere. Which is why so many players transfer and some schools change coaches like they change underwear.

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