Re: Sondy's Ball passion, Pollon is slowly leaving Village Christian, Heritage Christian lost their receipt, Sierra Canyon

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Posted by Unbiased journalism on December 31, 2016 at 20:25:46:

In Reply to: Sondy's Ball passion, Pollon is slowly leaving Village Christian, Heritage Christian lost their receipt, Sierra Canyon posted by Justin Credible on December 30, 2016 at 00:17:02:

: Sondy's back at it. Laying on his stomach, in a tshirt and his BBB's (Big Baller Briefs) with his feet in the air typing about Lavar and his Balls. Sondheimer is so giddy about 60 minutes visiting the Ball household. He even dropped an "I told you so" in, what seems to be, a love letter.
: Is anyone else bothered by this. There's a difference between crush and uncomfortable obsession. I think that it's clear that we're in the space that if you caught Sondy smelling Lavar's dirty socks you wouldn't be shocked. Personally I'd just shrug my shoulders and keep walking. Pollon is walking a thin line with his Oak Park and Village Christian man crushes. But it's not as bad as Sondheimer's love for Balls.
: Btw, it's evident that Jackie is actually losing his crush on Village. Kudos to you Jack. There was a "I wish that I could quit you" feel early in the season, but even Jackie realized that there's a lot of good and competitive basketball going on and his top 10 ranked Village Christian keeps playing La Jolla 13u Junior Clippers teams. They beat Reseda 99-11. Apparently Village Christian's coach is going with my wife's motto "The best way to look slim is to surround yourself with fatter people." Sorry, your sweat smells like cake batter (your coaching atrocious) and stop taking cake (transfers). Book a real schedule. Palarz lost a seven footer and fought against daddy ball and still plays a tougher schedule than Village. VCS has their seven footer, welcomed daddy ball but decided that they rather get wins against Michael Scott and Dunder Mifflin's Scranton branch's All Stars instead of competing against actual teams. They're 2 toughest opponents are Heritage Christian and Mater Dei.
: Which leads me to... How much did Heritage Christian pay for that #22 ranking? There's no receipts are there? Was that a Black Friday special because it came with a bullseye and everyone seems to be hitting center? Is Mater Dei getting Bol Bol? He's going to love that system? Is he there and the cif is making him sit 30 days? If that's true something needs to be done with this cif mafia. We missed Marvin Bagley for a whole year and he moved from another state. But Spencer Freedman was eligible as soon as Jeffrey (British limo driver. I didn't picture the guy from Fresh Prince until now. I was going with a Belvedere type but with the name Jeffrey) dropped him off in little Tijuana (Santa Ana). Don't tell me that Mr. Bagley opened his big mouth about his son playing a competitive schedule. The kid is a professional basketball player right now. Do you think that he's going to Sierra Canyon for their epic World History classes? Let's remember, that's Sierra Canyon. I know a kid with a 4.2 gpa that didn't get accepted. The admissions office almost let him in when they thought that the 4.2 was his 40 yard dash time. But once they realized the error, sorry young man, come back when you've decided to repeat the same grade 3 plus times and learn to jump or tackle.

Playing devil's advocate : journalist are humans, sandy is definitely biased for loyola soccer and chino hills basketball. . That doesn't bother me, chino hills will be talked about for years, definitely monumental. . I do have problem with him not really talking about other good teams.. how about a spotlight on bishop mongomery, no transfers in starting lineup. . Etc

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