Re: HS Coaches Pay - Whats the deal?

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Posted by LA Coach on December 21, 2016 at 19:47:13:

In Reply to: Re: HS Coaches Pay - Whats the deal? posted by g on December 20, 2016 at 23:30:08:

Not all of us receive 2k for summer. moreover, not all of us receive one less academic period in order to coach. you are very fortunate.

: : In LA city, head varsity coaches receive a stipend around $2500 (pre-tax) for the entire year. There is only one other stipend for the entire program and that is the JV head coaching position, which pays out around $1500. No other position is funded by the district. In order to pay for other positions, the team must fund-raise it on its own. And, regarding a budget, the district allocates pretty much nothing to the team anymore except for buses to away games and referees and scorekeepers for home games. Other than that, the team must fundraise everything, including any equipment, uniform apparel (except this year, in which the district paid for uniforms), tournament or league fees, end of season banquets, etc.

: : Going back to the stipend, the stipend is a nice bonus but for the amount of hours most coaches, esp. varsity ones, put in, it is practically pennies per hour. Many coaches will coach year round by putting their teams in leagues all year, running practices whenever permitted by the district, etc. Most coaches are dedicated and do this not just because they love the game, but, do this for the players, too.

: : Considering how low the stipend in LA is, to be a coach in LA these days, one would either need to have the following situation: a) be a teacher at the school, b) have a job with hours that enables them to be free to coach between 2p-6p or 2p-9p (depending on whether it is a practice day or game day, etc.), c) be rich and/or be retired to have the free time and not worry about finances, or, d) be unemployed and take a huge hit financially.

: :

: : : : : HS Coaches take a lot of time and energy to run a program and I'm wondering what the money situation is.

: : : : : My public district pays a teacher (who is the coach) 7% on top of their salary. So if the teacher is at $60k then they get an additional $4200 to coach. A walk-on coach, who isn't a teacher, is given approximately $2800.

: : : : : My really question is - Is that it? Or, is there more to it?

: : : : : For example, teams have summer programs that can run anywhere from $200-700 a player - get 75 players trying out and in summer program and suddenly there's some money - Do HS Coaches get paid via this pot? Or?

: : : : Call and ask the Fountain Valley Head Coach.

: : :
: : : Everyone loves to bash coaches on here - but the reality is 95% of them do it out of love of the game and trying to do right by kids.

: : : Now you can argue they don't do it well, and in some cases they actually achieve the opposite, but most are not making a living doing this.

: : : SOME of the private schools pay well, but even most of those coaches have to teach also.

: : : And as bad as it is on they boys side, it is even worse for girls coaches.

: : : That's why you see so many HS coaches running club programs or travel teams to make some more $$.

: : : I understand frustration with a coach - I get frustrated with my kid's coach all the time - but I also understand they are basically losing money coaching.

: : : Because they don't get paid for spring/summer/fall practices/games/tourneys/training. So take whatever that stipend is for coaching a 4 month sport and figure it out by the hour spread out over the year.

: : : No one here would leave their job to do that.

: All of these numbers are able to found on public record. I get $3500 for the winter season, and summer ball gets me about $2000 (yes it's a pot, but you need to subtract all the leagues and other expenses out of it along with all the stipends).

: So $5500 annually as a head varsity coach. My other "compensation" is an athletic period that my school gives me, so I get to teach one less academic class while still maintaining the same pay.

: I look at it as having 2 full time jobs, but being paid for one, and I do not complain at all because I love what I do.

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