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Posted by Justin Credible on December 20, 2016 at 15:41:58:

In Reply to: Fairfax. I love you posted by Justin Credible on December 20, 2016 at 15:12:01:

: Are we 5-0? Yes, I said "WE." I jumped on that bandwagon as soon as Maker saw the house burning at Chaminade and left. Someone here asked what program do you like for the next 2-3 years. I jumped on Fairfax before the season started and after Baik was hired so you can't make jokes about me. Everyone knows that Baik was Lavar's first thigh masseuse and we questioned if he could coach. I had faith in him and the 3 college guards that they have over there. This is not a debate of level of college. Please mom and dad don't go there. There's 3 college guards there that are juniors and sophmores and that's not a debate. There's a coach that had the best seat to high level high school play and he'll want that again. I'm Anthony Hopkins in Westworld with this. I look for the deeper reasons and pick my teams. I don't go Captain Obvious and pick Sierra Canyon. That's a Sondy and Pollon move after they had no clue who Mr. Bagley was.
: I was close to going Harvard Westlake, but they're relying all on freshman and an overrated sophomore. Dunks doesn't make you a basketball player Harold Miner. I also can't trust that 3 players don't transfer due to unnecessary academic exhaustion. Then I was thinking about Taft, but by February January will have left due to missed payments by Coach Taylor. (Just kidding coach. :) I still like Kihei Clark and Bongo. Just not for a 2-3 commitment. Village Christian almost had me. The 7'0" light post, I like Scranton as a Kenneth Faried type, I love the freshman Henry, I loved Scranton, Henry and Molinar flying up and down the court, but we knew that the coach would find the banana peel. We didn't know that he'd buy a banana, place it on the floor and purposely fall (Boatwright and Starr) but we knew that it was coming.
: It came down to Fairfax and Centennial. Coach Giles is solid. I like the team. Their freshman Clark has a nice future. I just couldn't go with them because their senior laden. Can't commit to a gilf.
: So Fairfax, it's us. We're together. Don't you let me down. Don't you dare.
: (I have way too much time on my hands today and that's evident in this post. Lol.)

I almost forgot, I wanted Chaminade to go after Jalen Clark. If you're going to tell me that high school's should recruit, keep Conner away from my school. If anyone remembers, I wanted Juzang, Henry and Clark to go with Maker. Rough first year but I dare you to play that afterwards. Did we? Nope. Instead I'm forced to watch Juzang strut around Harvard Westlake's beautiful campus like he's the man because he's a walking double double; Clark is at Corona Centennial getting extra yellow cake with his school lunch tray and will be one of the next great wings out of SoCal and will show it next year when the seniors leave, yes I said it; Henry's suffering due to a coach that doesn't appear to wear a gas mask when he's cooking meth on that deplorable campus, so he's in a perpetual state of confusion and thinks that Jadeveon Clowney an All American point guard. I'd like to think that we have another shot at him but this feels like he already has his books in another school's locker.
So I was ahead of the game. Now there's a 6'6" 8th grader that I caught a glimpse of while watching my nephew play. The problem is that Webby (Chaminade President) has a son at the similar size and position. So we may not be going after him. I definitely don't want to be know as VCS with the 8 transfers every year... So Palarz, you have to win now and then build later.

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