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Posted by truth on December 19, 2016 at 09:14:08:

In Reply to: Re: What's happen to Westminster, it's embarrassing posted by Coach on December 19, 2016 at 08:44:06:

: : : : : : : : We fired a good coach, hired this guy with no experience and even playing a weak schedule we're 3-7. Hope this is a short year plan and we can get back to a quality coach and winning

: : : : : : : You got sold a bill of goods. Very common in todays society. False news and most buy it hook, line and sinker without doing research to find truth. Classic.

: : : : : : People were lied to and sold a bill of
: : : : : : Goods that some "Open Gym" below average Coach would bring in players and be able to win! Open Gym with the false advertisements and young guys ranking kids is a total farce. No one believes or trusts Open gym anymore. They can put on clinics,camps,and all these young trainers but none of them have a resume of coaching at the high school,college or pro level! parents its time to stop drinking the cool aid! The great coaches and old timers do it play in their leagues,no more camps,clinics,or tournaments since they our biased to the open gym kids getting ranked and the exposure. Yes La Miranda wins a lot with all the open guys feeding them. Servite,villa park and Westminster lose and always underachieve! coach Miramontez was a good coach and worked hard! There is a reason so many good coaches are getting out of high school basketball. The educated and old timers know the reality of winning and how to do it

: : : : First my post has nothing to do with club ball do don't know where that came from. Our school interviewed this guy and hired him. Whatever promises were made by him. I was told he has a record, don't know for sure but heard that. If so why did we investigate his background. The other schools you mentioned don't know or care about them .

: : : WHS got very excited to have a "connected club guy" come in and take over. Coach M is a lot of things, like him or not, but he worked really hard to get the kids he had to play hard and be respectful human beings. Let's be honest, there's not been a lot of college players come out of Westminster in a LONG time- so you have to be able to develop the neighborhood kids. The best kids in the area near WHS want to go to other places- so you have to be "connected" within the local community in some way to get local kids to stick around. The guy they brought in has a terrible coaching demeanor- he literally coaches games acting like he's better than the level he's working at. Kid makes a mistake and it's all eye rolls and palms out like "are you kidding me".. What happened at WHS is they got tired of Jesse (ironic since he still teaches there) and had to choose option A) club guy promising to "bring in" players to make WHS a powerhouse or option B) an experienced HS coach who knows how to coach but not interested in "getting guys".. They chose A.. It is what it is..

: : And we keep losing and losing. This guys alittle clown that can't coach so where are the players he promised?

: Westminster is a great example of getting mixed up in the dirty club basketball world. Westminster will never be a basketball power and the most they can hope for is a league title and maybe a game or two in CIF. What has been overlooked and underappreciated is the fact that the former coach, Coach Miramontez did what was right by the kids in a public high school He didn't recruit kids, he got the kids he had to play to their fullest potential and most importantly he taught them to be young men and they were a better person when they left his program. As a coach who competed with Jesse for about 10 years, his teams always played hard and always respected the opponent. Every player on his team would come up and shake my entire coaching staffs' hands before the game or even if we crossed paths at a tournament.

Most of the above is absolutely true. His players were always respectful and acted with dignity. For the most part, coach M did the best he could with who showed up through the door and he was respected for it. You mentioned that the best Westminster can do is maybe win a league title and go a couple rounds in CIF. That's the ultimate goal for about 90% of the teams. Only about 10% of the teams out there have a legit hope to get to a CIF final. For those teams, that's great. For the rest of everyone else, you're competing to be in contention to win a league title and hopefully win a playoff game. There is nothing wrong with that. If a school like Westminster had the hope of winning a league title occasionally, that's all they could ever ask for. There is nothing wrong with that. That, though, is the straw that broke the camel's back with Coach M. He didn't really recruit, until he magically landed 4 transfers in the same year from Ocean View. Those kids didn't go one year being a missed FT from the CIF title game (some call the Bosco-OV semi-final game one of the best HS games in recent history) to just deciding to go down the street to play for a team that fought for 3rd place every year. Coach got caught up in it, he got kids to show up, they won, and the admin didn't like the aftermath. You go out and get kids to come play for you, the kids' attitude is "we're doing you a favor by being here" and the coach can't hold them to the same standards he holds all the local neighborhood kids to. That fractures a program and the kids become even more entitled. What Burch did his senior year (or gramps?), going out and shopping himself all over SoCal (back to OV? Orangewood? Cantwell? then back to Westminster because he realized he'd have to sit out if he transferred again) was a huge slap in the face to Coach. But that's what happens when you get caught up in the recruiting game, right? Can't imagine what ti'll look like if the new staff ever gets all the promised recruits to show-up. Talk about a dumpster fire..

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