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Reseda High School--October 10, 1997

I had a talk with Dave Enowitz the other day about his Reseda High basketball team, who's on it and who's not. Who's not? That's easy. Brandon Fullove, who lives in the area, isn't; he's at Simi High. And a lot of other guys aren't, thanks to "open enrollment" at LAUSD schools. How'd Reseda do last year?

Not good.

And it wasn't just the record. They were 0-20.

Didn't win a game.

No, it wasn't just the record. The team was beset by disciplinary problems, and according to Enowitz, he removed five players from the team. But that's the kind of coach he is; he'd rather lose than play a kid who doesn't deserve to play.

Enowitz didn't mention another factor which might have played into the 0-20 record last year, but it's no secret that the team suffered from the untimely and unfortunate tragedy of the death of a player who was also expected to play basketball for Reseda last year. Again, this is just my observation; I didn't ask, and he didn't say.

But that was last year, and this is now. Enowitz expects to do a lot better this year. How much better? He's talking league title and city playoffs. Why?

Enowitz was for several years the assistant basketball coach at Grant under Howie Levine, during the years they went to the City Finals. He coached the Team LA Maccabi Basketball team in Pittsburgh which won a Bronze medal. Enowitz knows what it's like to win, and he knows what it's like to lose. He likes winning better; and he knows what's likely to happen if he's got some talent. And this year he thinks there are a few reasons to say Reseda has some talent.

Larry Knox and Robert Arcenaux are two reasons.

Knox was rated among the top 20 Sophomores in the State and his AAU team played in national tournaments this summer, and were often written up in USA Today. Knox is 6'-3", is an explosive shooter, and can rebound like nobody's business. He's got great hands, is growing into his height nicely. And, he's only in 10th grade.

Arcenaux is 6'-4", and "strong as hell". Between the two of them, Enowitz will use a double post and high-low combination with speed, quickness and strength.

Also expected to lend some size is Jaime Sibrian, a Jr. Fwd who at 6'-2" is a good shooter who, if he can remain injury free should see some major PT.

The rest of the squad:

Michael Brignac (Soph, 6'-1") will play the 2 or 3 spot. He was described as a steady player, and a hard worker with a good, smooth shot and a nice move to the hole.

Engleberth Alvarez (Jr. 5'-8"), a very quick guard, most likely will play the 2 spot. He's got pretty good court vision, but needs work on his decision-making skills.

Hai Pham (Sr. 5'-7" PG), a very quick and very good defender. He can handle the ball, pull up for the J, and penetrate to the hole. As a PG, his only limitation will be his size against bigger opponents, but his speed will certainly be an advantage.

Victor Koopongsadorn (Sr. 5'-8"), also will play at the 1 or 2 spot. Enowitz described him as "pretty quick" and with good lateral quickness. He should be a contributor on this team.

So Enowitz expects that his kids will do better. You can bet they will.

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