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Southern Section Season:
Getting Ready--(Sept. 30, 1998)

It's still more than a month away, in fact it's 46 days away, but who's counting?  We were trolling around the CIF Southern Section's website, and discovered that there are a bunch of high school teams currently looking for games.  As in scrimmages, non-conference and tournament games.  The Southern Section of CIF has thoughtfully provided a place where coaches can determine who's looking for games, and who's got game, and this is becoming important as the season begins to take shape.

Here's the list of games wanted and needed.  Note, if you are a coach, we're not sure just exactly how current this list is, and you'd be well advised to call the school yourself.

And we also saw a listing of teams looking for tournaments, i.e., more than one game. Here's the list: 

In case you're interested (and you must be, otherwise you wouldn't be reading SoCalHoops), under Southern Section rules, teams can begin their first practice of the season officially on November 14.

Beginning November  23, 1998, a school can play its   first (and only) scrimmage game.  It seems that under the Southern Section rules,  a team is only allowed a single scrimmage.  Why? We don't know.

Then beginning November 30, a team is permitted to have the first of 20 games during the regular season, but there's a little loophole which allows a team to play 3 games in a tournament if the tournament has more 16 or more teams, or 2 per tournament if there are less than 16, so it's possible to get 2 for 1 or 3 for 1,   and in this way a school may get to play as many as 30 or more games, not counting the playoffs. 

The boys' regular season will officially end on February 12, and the Southern Section Regional Playoffs are tentatively scheduled to take place as follows:  First Round--February 17; Second Round--February 19; Third Round--February 23; Semifinals--February 26; Southern Section Regional Finals--March 2.  The State Regionals and Finals will take place the following two weeks, and the finals this year are set for the Arrowhead Pond at Anaheim.

For the Girls, the regular season info is the same, i.e., they can practice, scrimmage, and play games during the same season, but their playoff scheduling is a bit different.  The First Round is  February 18;  Second Round--February 20;  Quarter-Finals--February 24; Semifinals--February 27; and the Southern Section Regional Finals--March 2, at the Arrowhead Pond.

We can hardly wait.

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