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Slam-N-Jam NIT
Modesto Slam Roster--(July 23, 1998)

We got the following e-mail, and we were only too happy to oblige:

I appreciate all the coverage of the Slam-N-Jam NIT. If it wouldn't be too much trouble could you email me the roster for Modesto Slam. I played ball with some of the guys who are supposed to be on this team and I would like to know who all are on it. I see that they have won all three of their pool play games, according to the articles. Thanks, Derek

No problem Derek, here it is:

Nick Tabari (6'-1" Jr. G) Calvary
Chris Armstrong (6'-4" Jr. G) Calvary
Eric Leone (6'-0" Jr. G) Calvary
Adrian Gooden (6'-6" Sr. F) Calvary
Eric Swan (6'-2" Sr. G) Modesto
Don Brooks (6'-6" Sr. F) Johansen
Craig Peterson (6'-2" Jr. G) Hilmar
Tito Ventura (6'-0" Sr. G) Hughson
Derrick Kibler (6'-0" Sr. G) East Union
Francisco Jorao (6'-10" Sr. C) Portugal

That's it. We haven't seen these guys, so we don't actually know if they are all there, or if they've added anyone. We hope to see them today or tomorrow.

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