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Sylmar, LA City 3-A Champs Will
Move Up To 4-A Next Season--(April 30,1998)

Sylmar Coach Bort Escoto announced yesterday that Sylmar High, the currently defending City 3-A Champions, have moved up a division to 4-A, taking the spot in that division formerly occupied by Monroe, which had been seeking to move down to 3-A.

3-A schools generally field smaller teams than 4-A, and are not considered as competitive. Even though there are playoffs in 3-A, the winner of the tournament, which is named the "City Champion" is not eligible for further post-season play. In 4-A, the winner of the City title, this year Westchester, went on to compete in the CIF Southern Regionals, becoming SoCal Champs, and ultimately competed (and won) the State CIF Championship, played this year in Sacramento by defeating the NorCal champ Alameda St. Joe's.

So moving up a division is a fairly big deal if you're from a 3-A school. And Escoto is as excited as anyone about it. Since becoming the head coach at Sylmar five years ago, he's put in a new gym floor, won the 3-A title, and is now looking forward to trying to win a City title. "Everyone thinks I'm crazy" Escoto told the LA Times yesterday.

Probably because no team from the Valley has won a City 4-A championship since the City was divided into 3-A and 4-A in 1976.

But we'll see. Maybe next year.

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