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Hey Mike: There's More Big Feet
Where Those Came From--(April 7, 1998)

If you read our little piece on the Pump-N-Run Easter Tournament, you know that we bumped into Michael Miller of West Coast Hoops, who was gleefully running out of the gym holding these two huge size 20 shoes which he managed to strip off of J.J. Todd (6'-10" Jr. C) from Chaminade, who was playing this last weekend as a member of the Pump-n-Run II team. We don't know why he really wanted them, and we're actually a bit afraid to ask.

Several people got a big kick out of the fact that somebody would covet a pair of size 20 shoes, especially a pair of used size 20's. Especially someone else's size 20's. Mmmmmm, what is that aroma?

Well, I've got news for Michael. He's gonna have to fight me for the next pair of stinky size 20's. Get in line pal. I want 'em. I need 'em. I gotta have 'em. The Used Shoe Derby is on.

Got this letter yesterday, and thought we'd share it with you all:

Hi Jerry

The Todd family really enjoys SoCalHoops and you do a great job with it. We of course got a kick out of the story of you running into our friend Michael Miller at CSU Dominguez Hills lugging around the dreaded size 20's. Let's hope he doesn't try to drive in them until he gets used to 'em.

So you don't feel left out of the Used Shoe Derby, I have a 14 year old son (8th grade at Chaminade) who wears an 18, and best of all, a 9 year old son (4th grade) who wears an 11. I think that's bigger than J.J. wore when he was 9. This must be one of those genetic things we keep hearing about!! Anyway, your chance for these shoes is near, and as with Mike, I won't ask why in the world you'd want 'em.

Keep up the great work! Thanks again.

Best regards,

Mark Todd

Thanks Mark. I'll take you up on the Used Shoe Derby soon. Frankly, I don't know why I want them either. But you sure can hear somebody coming down the floor with shoes that big. : - ).

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