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Legans "Passes" SAT; Bland Still Waiting;
Moiso Doesn't "Pass". . . Yet--(April 17, 1998)

Here are a few tidbits we've picked up in the last few days.

Shantay Legans (5'-11" Jr. PG) from Dos Pueblos, who we listed in the "Best of the Best" among the junior point guards, and who may be one of the very best not just in SoCal, but in the west, wrote to us this morning, and here's what he had to say:

Hey, I want to thank you for the props, I'll keep working hard and get even better. Did I tell you I qualified on my SAT? I'm REAL glad about that for real.

Hey Shantay, we're really glad too. Now you can get on with the business of completing your core courses and keeping your GPA up, and concentrating on summer ball soon.

Others we hear are still awaiting the results of their tests. Some have gotten them back early. Tony Bland is still waiting. Jerome Moiso we hear did not achieve a "passing" score, and will take the test again, although he may elect to sign before May 15 anyway, the end of the spring signing period. Still no word on David Hamilton (LOI Auburn) even though we've received a number of e-mails from Auburn fans wanting to know if he's qualified.

Which brings us to the next subject.

What does it mean to "pass" the SAT or ACT?

Read the next article to find out.

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