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Attention Juniors: Getting Ready For
The SAT: Seminar For $1.00--(April 24,1998)

With all the talk about the SAT, and after hearing about several players who have signed but have yet to qualify because they need to score higher on the test (e.g., UCLA signee Jerome Moiso), this is a pretty good time for those of you who think you'd like to play college ball to start thinking about the SAT and what you'll need to do to get yourself ready for it.

The LA Times ran a notice yesterday about a great public service being put on by the National Alliance of African American Athletes, Kaplan Educational Centers, and the Alpha Kappa Alpha sorority: It's a seminar designed to help athletes prepare for the Scholastic Aptitude Test and college admission.

The seminar is scheduled for tomorrow, Saturday morning, in the Science Hall at USC. The "SAT Pre-Game Clinic" includes a practice SAT, computerized analysis and feedback about the results, and advice on test-taking strategies from Kaplan staff members.

And best of all, the registration fee is only $1.

That's right. $1.

For Details call (213) 764-1239.

Or better yet, just show up with a buck.

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