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Parade's 1998 All-American Team
Only One From SoCal. . . Guess Who?--(April 12,1998)

Is the talent level in SoCal and the West really not on a par with New Jersey, Virginia, or points East? Or is it that Parade Magazine, that sometime stuffer of Sunday Hearst Newspapers (and probably a few owned by Rupert Murdoch now) thinks so. We don't, but then our opinion hardly counts, at least not in this story.

Parade Magazine obviously thinks the talent in the east this year is vastly superior to that found in the west, and in naming the 1998 Parade First, Second, Third and Fourth Team All-Americans, Parade demonstrates it's eastern bias yet again. Only two California players made it at all to the list, both to the second team. Tayshaun Prince (6'-8" Sr. G/F Compton Dominguez) was named to the second team, while Ray Young (6'-5" Sr. G Alameda St. Joseph Notre Dame) was named to the second team as well.

From the "eastern seaboard (from Maine to Florida and points in between), Parade named 24 players out of the 40 total selected. The entire West Coast had a total of only 5, including Carlos Boozer from Alaska. And just where does Texas fit in? Is it in the South? Or is it in the West? Ok, while we don't think Rashard Lewis of Houston is really from the "west coast", it is probably, to a New Yorker, considered "west". So we had 6 players selected.

Here's the breakdown of the selections from states and "region":

12 East Region -- VA (3), MD (3), NJ (2), MA (2), Conn. (1), Penn. (1)
12 South Region --Fla. (3), Tenn. (1), LA (1), N.C. (2), Ala (1), KY (1), W. VA (1), Miss. (1), GA (1)
10 Midwest Region-- Minn. (1), Mo. (1), Ill. (3), S. D. (1), Mich. (1), N.D. (1), OH (1), Ind. (1)
1 Southwest Region--Texas (1)
5 West Coast--California (2), Alaska (1), AZ (1), Wash. (1)

All right, we hear you say, enough of the numbers, tell us who was selected. Ok, here's the list:

First Team
Name Height School City
Al Harrington 6'-9" St. Patrick Elizabeth, NJ
Rashard Lewis 6'-10" Elsik Houston, TX
Vincent Yarbough 6'-8" Cleveland Cleveland, TN
Joel Przybilla 7'-0" Monticello Monticello, MN
JaRon Rush 6'-7" Pembroke Hill Kansas City, MO
Korleone Young 6'-7" Hargrave Academy Chatham, VA
DerMarr Johnson 6'-9" Newport Kensington, MD
Dan Gadzuric 6'-11" Gv. Dummer Byfield, MA
Stromile Swift 6'-9" Fair Park Shreveport, LA
Ronald Curry 6'-3" Hampton Hampton, VA

This first team really doesn't contain many surprises, and we're glad to see that JaRon Rush, who has signed with UCLA is considered in the top category, even if he says he intends to jump to the NBA after one or two years. Dan Gadzuric is certainly a top talent, as is Harrington. DerMarr Johnson is good, and occasionally showed flashes of NBA-type brilliance, but a first team selection? Ok, who are we to quibble. But take a look at this team closely. There are really no guards except for Ronald Curry. So that's a "team" for Parade? If you say so.

Let's look at the "second" team:
Second Team
Name Height School City
Corey Maggette 6'-6" Fenwick Oak Park, IL
Jason Capel 6'-8" St. John's Frederick, MD
Corey Hightower 6'-8" Mt. Zion Durham, NC
Michael Miller 6'-8" Mitchell Mitchell, SD
Frank Williams 6'-4" Manual Peoria, IL
Tayshaun Prince 6'-8" Dominguez Compton, CA
Quentin Richardson 6'-5" Whitney Young Chicago, IL
Kevin Lyde 6'-9" Oak Hill Academy Mouth of Wilson, VA
Keith Bogans 6'-5" DeMatha Hyatsville, MD
Ray Young 6'-5" St. Joseph Alameda, CA

Hmmm. So what have we got here? Any true centers? Maybe Kevin Lyde, but mostly a team of forwards and wing guards, which a couple of tall guards who could probably play point in college, including Ray Young and Keith Bogans. Maybe even Corey Hightower, if he doesn't jump to the NBA. Oh, and there's Quentin Richardson. But I'm willing to bet that if you put the First Team up against the Second Team, that the Seconds would probably outshoot, out-hustle, and out-handle the First Team.

Take a look at the Third Team.  Getting smaller all the time:
Third Team
Name Height School City
Dane Fife 6'-4" Clarkston Clarkston, MI
Ajou Ajou Deng 6'-11" St. Thomas More Oakdale, Conn.
Keyon Dooling 6'-3" Dillard Ft. Lauderdale, Fla.
Ted Dupay 5'-10" Mariner Cape Coral, Fla
Carols Boozer 6'-8" Jeneau-Douglas Juneau, Alaska
Rasual Butler 6'-7" Roman Catholic Philadelphia, Penn
Marvin Stone 6'-9" Grissom Huntsville, Ala.
Adam Garrington 6'-4" Pioneer Valley Northfield, Ma.
B.B. Waldon 6'-7" Kathleen Lakeland, Fla.
Jeff Boschee 6'-0" Valley City Valley City, N.D.

Now this is more like a "team". A very good, proven point in Ted Dupay (even if he is only 5'-10"), and Keyon Dooling as well. Marvin Stone and Ajou Ajou at center, boozer and Rasual at the forward spots, and our guess is that they'd kick butt on the First or Second team, especially with backups Dane Fife, Jeff Boschee at gaurd spots, and Garrington and Waldon at the forward spots.

Finally, the Fourth Team:
Fourth Team
Name Height School City
Kris Lang 6'-10" Hunter Huss Gastonia, NC
J.R. VanHoose 6'-9" Paintsville Paintsville, KY
Brett Nelson 6'-3" St. Albans St. Albans, W.Va.
Jonathan Bender 6'-11" Picayune Picayune, Miss.
Sam Clancy 6'-7" Sr. Edward Lakewood, Ohio
Richard Jefferson 6'-7" Moon Valley Phoenix, Arizona
Donnell Harvey 6'-7" Randolph-Clay Cuthbert, GA.
Jason Gardner 6'-0" North Central Indianapolis, Ind.
Doug Wrenn 6'-7" O'Dea Seattle, Wash.
Danny Miller 6'-7" Rancocas Valley Mount Holly, N.J.

A lot of these guys we've seen before, including Doug Wrenn, Sam Clancy, J.R. and Richard Jefferson. We haven't seen Donnell Harvey play, nor many of the others, but we've read a lot about them. Yup, it's probably, among this group, a "fourth team", but then we'd still bet that any of the second, third or fourth teams could beat the first team guys, heads-up. And don't try telling me that there was no room for a David Bluthenthal, Tony Bland, Luke Walton, or any number of other top players from SoCal. Geez, since they even went with some juniors, you'd think they would look at some of the Artesia guys, maybe even Casey Jacobsen, or some of the Long Beach crowd. How about Shantay? Well, maybe next year.

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