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Orange County All-Stars: Wulfemeyer
Gets MVP; Bennem Scores 17--(April 28,1998)

We announced the Costa Mesa Kiwanis Orange County All-Star Game, played at Orange Coast College this past Saturday, and even posted the rosters for the game. The game was played Saturday night, and even though some of Orange County's bigger star players (Jeff Berokoff, Andrew Gaulden, Chris McMillian) weren't there (they were at the Double Pump Classic), there was still a lot of excitement and great play. And some of that excitement was generated by Mark Wulfemeyer, whose father holds the scoring record in the game (40 points, scored in the 1974 game). Wulfemeyer was selected MVP. All 19 points scored in the current edition of the All-Star game by the younger Wulfemeyer were in the second half.

The "South" team beat the "North" team, 114-100, but like most all-star games, the score was mostly irrelevant.

Wulfemeyer scored eight points in a decisive 25-8 run by the South team early in the second half, hitting a fadeaway basket, a three-pointer, another basket and a free throw as the South took control. The North had trailed by only a point at halftime.

And like most of these all-star events, the game was one big slam fest, fastbreak and three-point shooting contest. All 24 players scored and just about everyone hit at least one three-pointer. Eric Palmer of University scored 17 points for the South, and both Sam Nelson of Estancia (Air Force) and T.J. Williams of State Division II Champ Santa Margarita had 15. Zamiro Bennem who has signed with UCI led the North with 17 points and Scott Blake of Troy scored 16. Bennem also won the halftime dunk contest. He missed his only slam in the game though.

North: Swan 5, Verzani 6, Bennem 17, Fischer 5, Radaza 6, Gartner 5, Brennan 2, Weaver 12, Blake 16, Carlson 12, Shea 11, Banda 3.

South: Palmer 17, Webster 2, Nguyen 2, Nelson 15, Ortiz 10, Johnson 6, Williams 15, Wulfemeyer 19, Hanson 7, Zoller 6, McKeever 12, Garrett 3.

Halftime: North 51, South 53.

Three-pointers: North 13 (Swan 1, Bennem 2, Fischer 1, Radaza 1, Gartner 1, Weaver 2, Blake 2, Carlson 2, Shea 1); South 8 (Palmer 2, Ortiz 2, Williams 1, Wulfemeyer 3).

Fouled out: Fischer.Technical fouls: None..

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