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NEWS FLASH--New Message Board
Software At SoCalHoops--(April 7, 1998)

Some of you have discovered it, others haven't. You should, because the message board is now better than ever here at

We finally ditched our old message board software (which was proprietary to Webcom, clumsy and difficult to use and administer) in favor of the friendlier and easier to use "WWWBoard" developed by Matt's Script Archive. It's the same message board software that you'll find on other popular hoop sites such as Midwest Basketball, the UCLA message board, BibbyBaby Online, and West Coast Hoops. We've also decided to have just a single board rather than multiple-boards for different topics (one for coaching, prep, college and pro) because it was just too fragmented, and some of them were very underutilized. This is a lot more fun, and much more instaneous, and give you, our readers, a better ability to have your messages seen and get a response.

You can get to the new message board any number of ways (including a big link on our "front page"), but the easiest is to simply click on the hyperlink for "Message Boards" immediately to the left in the navigation bar. The board will be moderated, but it's pretty much wide open for all topics related to basketball, from preps and recruiting, college ball, tournament announcements, questions, and anything else you can think of relating to the topics we cover at SoCalHoops. If you've got questions for J. Gale, Jason Day, or Pat McKinney fire them up. And if these guys don't know the answers or where to find them, one of our other readers will.

You can still find your old messages, but please don't leave new messages on the old boards. We'll be taking the old board down in a couple of months, but for now the archives are still there.

Because the new board required the use of the new software, we had to move it away from Webcom, over to TierraNet which supports the cgi scripting required. The rest of SoCalHoops is still on Webcom (although with TeirraNet's unlimited space and traffic policy for a flat price, we're not sure how long we'll stay at Webcom) so for now if you get lost coming back in from the message board, just type "" in your browser and you'll be back in a flash. That shouldn't happen, but the web's a big place and lots of strange things can happen.

We hope you enjoy the greater level of interactivity. Leave a message. Ask a question. Have fun.

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