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Anthony Grundy, Chatam Hargrave, Really Doesn't
Have A List--(April 20,1998)

Today's Hoop Scoop has Clarke Francis telling us that

"Several of our competitors have come out with a recent list for 6'2 Anthony Grundy from Chatham (Hargrave Military) VA, but the official party line is that there is no list, because it looks like Bradley will not release him from the national letter-of-intent that he signed a year ago. And you can't blame Bradley for not releasing him. They put a lot of time and money into recruiting Grundy and then his value went up dramatically. Ever since, people close to him have been telling him he made a mistake, because he's good enough to play at the a big-time level, instead of at a mid-major program, which is where Bradley is on the spectrum. I get tired of hearing how Bradley is hurting the kid, because he has no more idea where he wants to go than the man-on the-moon does. He'd have been a lot better off if he had showed up a year ago at Bradley and, if he didn't like it, he could have transferred to another school, where he'd be eligible to play next year. Instead, it is one great big mess and he will likely end up playing at a junior college next year, but just enrolling at a four year school and sitting out may also be an option."

Geez, take a pill Clark. Relax. We don't know who your "competitors" are, but those of us here in SoCal know that Grundy has no official list. How do we know? Because we asked him, that's how. He hasn't visited any other schools (at least none he would talk about) and he doesn't really know where he'll go next year.

Following the Eddie Jones All-Star Classic, SoCalHoops spoke to Grundy in the locker room, and he said that he "has no idea" where he wants to go to school. He didn't mention Bradley, but when pressed about what other schools he might be interested in, he completely begged off. "Hey man, I have no idea, but I just want to go to school and play ball somewhere."

As far as Bradley is concerned, if he doesn't want to go there, and he took the time, money and trouble to enroll at a prep school to increase his chances of improving his academics, and his odds of being picked up by another program, Bradley ought to consider it over. Maybe he (and Bradley) might have been better off had he "showed up a year ago", but that's ancient history.

Time for Bradley to put it in the past, and let Grundy get on with life.

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