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Gadzuric To Sign With UCLA? Maybe.
But Nothing Definite Yet.--(April 21,1998)

The rumor mill is starting to heat up, going into overtime, working into a virtual feeding-frenzy over Dan Gadzuric, the 6'-9" top prospect from Holland who is being heavily recruited (or so it appears) by UCLA. Geez, if we had any other hackneyed cliches to use (ok, we left out a few) we would, but "feeding-frenzy" or "ovetime" pretty well describes what's going on with Gad's recruiting, at least on the Internet recruiting sites.

Michael Miller of WestCoastHoops, Jim Downs, Prepstars, and probably even Clark Frances (the latter is the only one we haven't checked today) are saying that it's 99.9% certain that Gadz will sign with the Bruins next week. Even Greg Swaim at Midwest Basketball is making the same prediction. All the message boards all over the Internet are saying the same thing. Folks have even been leaving messages here at SoCalHoops' message board to the same effect.

So will he or won't he? Declare for the NBA? Go to UCLA? Go somewhere else?

We don't know. We'll leave it to the guys who really know. And those supposedly in a position to know are saying it's almost a done deal.

Of course, the official line at UCLA is "No comment".

Until they receive that signed letter that's the most they can say.

No comment.

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