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GAME SUNDAY, 4/19/98 AT THE FORUM--(April 18,1998)


Phil Gatton and Dinos Trigonis, both of whom put in way too much work and incredibly long hours to bring us all great basketball events, such as the IntenseCity Summer Classic and the MLK Challenge, want you to know about the "Snapple Eddie Jones All-Star Classic."

Like you didn't know already.

As if you weren't planning on going anyway. Of course you'll be there. You wouldn't miss this for anything. Not even 60 minutes. Hey, why stay home and watch 60 Minutes, when you can go to the Great Western Forum in Inglewood and actually see Pat Barrett and Tyson Chandler, live and up-close, watching what will probably be the best high school-college-pro all-star game of the year. You've seen them on tape, now catch them in person. Tyson and Pat spectating.

Seriously though, where else will you get to see NBA-bound Korleone Young and UCLA-bound Ray Young go at it, head to head? Well, if not head to head, at least on opposite teams. Nowhere else, that's where. You've got to come to the Forum.

Because this event WILL NOT BE ON TELEVISION.

Phil Gatton regrettably announced that the game will not be televised. Too much politics, too much being demanded by the TV folks. So you've got to come to see it.

Tickets can be purchased at the Forum, and only at the Forum. You can't get them at Ticketmasters, so don't try. They can be bought at the box office. $9.00 adults, $7.00 with student ID.

SoCalHoops wants everyone (hey, buddy, that means you!) to come out for the event. Bring a friend, bring your spouse, bring your kids. Hell, bring your whole AAU, high school or club team. The Forum's a really big place, and there should be plenty of good seating.

Seriously, Phil, Dinos and many others have a tremendous amount of money invested in this game with the Forum, hotels, meals, airline tickest, and more. Less than a large crowd could be a serious setback considering the great financial risk they're taking. These events DO NOT make money. In fact they're very lucky to break even because attendence is rather sparse. So if at all possible, please get the word out. We'd hate for these events to cease.

And in order to keep the events alive, there are still a limited number of "Event Patron" sponsorships available. But you'll have to act fast. Phil needs your minimum $100.00 Event Patron fee quickly. It will entitle you to courtside seating, and the opportunity to meet with the players at a special luncheon this afternoon at Hancock Park at 3:00 p.m. So go on over to Hancock Park, become an event sponsor and meet Phil, Dinos, the players, and maybe even Michael Miller, and even some of us from SoCalHoops.

See you there.

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