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Gary Colbert Is A Ute; Damon Jackson A Bulldog--(April 21,1998)

A Ute. Just an innocent Ute, your honor. You know, a Ute. That's right, he's a Ute.

Gary Colbert (6'-2" Sr. SG) from Etiwanda, who was reportedly one of the most under-recruited players in SoCal this year, finally signed, and boy was it a great way to go. Colbert will play with Majerus next season, and it should be a perfect fit. He and Andre Miller should make for a great backcourt. And in other Utah news, freshman forward Britton Johnsen announced he will take the next two years off to serve a mission for the Mormon church. Only one senior (Michael Doleac) and this team is going to be returning everyone. Congratulations to Gary.

In other news, Damon Jackson (6'-3" Sr. SG/SF) from Perris has signed a LOI with Jerry Tarkanian, er, make that Fresno State. Because we all know that players don't sign to play for or with a coach, but with a school. Right.

Fresno should be an intersting place next season if it's nothing else. Rafer Alston, Kenny Brunner leaving, coming back, getting busted, point-shaving allegations, samurai swords, and the land of pistachios and raisins. Oh, and no Tremain Fowlkes, who's leaving for the NBA. Oh, well. Damon is a very quick, capable player who can drive, dish, bring it up court, spot up and play very tenacious defense. We'd say congratulations, but we just hope Damon knows what he's gotten himself into. We wish him and the Bulldogs well.

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