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CIF/Cal-Hi's All-State Teams--
Another Way Of Looking At Things--(April 2, 1998)

There's more than one way to skin a cat, or so the saying goes, but actually it's a pretty disgusting saying if you think about it. . . why pick on cats, they can be pretty friendly and nice. . . ah, but we digress. Cal Hi Sports as you know from the last article, published their All-State Teams "By Division". But they also simply pick those players whom they believe are the best, regardless of division, picking them for three All-State "Dream" Teams. Here are there selections, and these might actually surprise a few. We're not going to say just where the selections are surprising to us, but draw your own conclusions. . . Ask yourself if this is how you would pick these guys for your first, second and third team players. Here goes:

First Team:

G- Ruben Douglas (6'-5" Sr. G) Burbank Bell-Jeff (Arizona)
G- Senque Carey (6'-4" Sr. G) Mountain View St. Francis
F- Ricky Anderson (6'-8" Sr. F) Long Beach Poly (Arizona)
F- Casey Jacobsen (6'-6" Jr. F) Glendora
F- Tayshaun Prince (6'-8" Sr. G/F) Compton Dominguez (Kentucky)
F- Luke Walton (6'-8" Sr. F) USDHS (Arizona)
F- Ray Young (6'-5" Sr. G/F) Alameda St. Joseph (UCLA)
F- Jason Kapono (6'-8" Jr. F) Artesia
C- Darrell Tucker (6'-8" Sr. F) Oakland McClymonds
C- Chris Jefferies (6'-8" Sr. C) Fresno Washington Union (Arkansas)

Second Team

G- Caleb Gervin (6'-1" Sr. G) Cathedral City
G- Tony Bland (6'-5" Sr. G) Westchester (Syracuse)
G- Brandon Armstrong (6'-5" Sr. G) Vallejo
F- Jimmy Miggins (6'-7" Sr. F) Arlington
F- David Bluthenthal (6'-7" Sr. F) Westchester (USC)
F- Myron Epps (6'-7" Sr. F) Tulare
F- Daniel Bobik (6'-6" Sr. F) Newbury Park (BYU)
F- Deon Green (6'-4" Sr. F) Los Angeles High
C- Phillip Ricci (6'-8" Sr. C) Galt
C- David Hamilton (6'-8" Sr. C) Compton (Auburn)

Third Team

G- Brandon Granville (5'-10" Sr. PG) Westchester
G- Gary Colbert (6'-3" Sr. G) Rancho Cucamonga Etiwanda
G- Allen Kordich (6'-2" Sr. G) San Pedro
G- T.J. Williams (6'-1" Sr. G) Santa Margarita
G- DeShawn Stephenson (6'-5" So. G) Easton Washington
F- Anthony Garrison (6'-4" Sr. F) Los Angeles Crenshaw
F- Ricky Duff (6'-5" Sr. F) Los Angeles Manual Arts
F- Kenny Walls (6'-5" Sr. F) San Francisco Galileo
F- Matt Barnes (6'-8" Sr. F) Fair Oaks Del Campo (UCLA)
F- Scott Long (6'-5" Sr. F) Chaminade (Navy)

What's interesting about this type of breakdown, is that you'd think the same players who made it onto the All-State Teams would be the same ones to make it onto the All-State overall teams. But of course, a little simple math would tell you that you'd be wrong, since there are five divisions, with 10 players per "team", and with the overall there are only three teams selected. But that's not the only anomaly which results in fewer players. Not all those chosen to the "overall" 3 top teams made it to the divisional teams. For example, Brandon Granville, selected above to the third team all-state overall, didn't make it to the Division I All-State team---go figure. And neither did Ricky Duff, Anthony Garrison, Allen Kordich or Kenny Walls make it to the Divisional teams even though they made it to the overall.

And just so you can keep track of who made it to the All-State Division teams, who didn't make it to the "overall" top three teams, here's the list:

Jeffrey Berokoff (6'-3" Sr. G) La Habra Sonora (SDSU)
David Abramowitz (6'-0" Sr. PG) USDHS (SDSU)
Tony Dow (6'-2" Jr. G) Huntington Beach Ocean View
Jerry Green (6'-2" Sr. G) Pomona (UC-Irvine)
Darrell Hirashima (5'-11" Sr. G) Orinda Miramonte
Matt Moore (6'-6" Sr. F) La Canada
Billy Speer (6'-4" Sr. F) Redding Enterprise
Bobby Donlan (6'-2" Sr. G) Kentfield Marin Catholic
Davon Johnson (6'-0" Sr. G) Gardena Serra
Michael Lazzari (6'-4" Sr. F) Pacific Grove
Joe Ortiz (6'-1" Sr. G) Santa Ana Calvary Chapel
Marlon Palmer (6'-2" Jr. G) Los Angeles Verbum Dei
Damon Polhill (6'-1" Sr. G) Sacramento Encina
Lance Ray (6'-4" Sr. F) Twentynine Palms
Jairol Red (6'-4" Sr. F) Modesto Christian
Felipe Williams (6'-4" So. F) Santa Monica Crossroads
Ryan Abraham (6'-3" Jr. F) Los Angeles Pacific Hills
Conrad Adamczak (6'-4" Sr. F) Los Angeles Pacific Hills
Brett deVries (6'-2" Sr. G) Santa Rosa Rincon Valley Christian
Zack Jones (5'-11" Jr. G) San Diego Horizon
Steve McIlwain (6'-1" Sr. G) Fremont Christian
Ken Renfro (6'-4" Sr. F) Walnut Creek Berean Christian
Rocky Steryo (6'-2" Sr. G) Van Nuys Montclair Prep
Blake Vander Schaaf (6'-2" Sr. G) Visalia Central Valley Christian
B.J. Ward (6'-4" Jr. F) Oxnard Santa Clara
Detrick Watts (6'-1" Jr. F) San Diego Horizon

Certainly enough for another couple of pretty damn good teams, don't you think? We'll have more on the Cal-Hi selections and honors shortly. But in the meantime, again we want to congratulate all of the fine players selected to the All-State CIF Teams for 1997-98.

Oh, and since our last article which mentioned Conrad Adamczak as having signed with Iona, West Coast Hoops is now saying that Conrad is a free-agent and hasn't signed with anyone. Oops. That'll teach us to check our sources a bit more carefully. Well, whoever signs this guy will be getting a great player. . . the line forms to the left.

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