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BYU Suspends Two Basketball Players;
Could Affect Recruiting Efforts--(April 13,1998)

As a result of separate charges leveled by the BYU Honor Code Office, Ron Selleaze and Michael Garrett have each been suspended for one year.

Junior Selleaze had appealed from the Honor Code violation, but learned this weekend that his appeal had been rejected. He was therefore officially suspended for one year. Michael Garrett, a sophomore non-qualifier who sat out the 1997-98 season, was also suspended for one year. Both were involved with drug citations March 20, but only Selleaze was charged.

Carri Jenkins, director of BYU media communications, said both players could re-apply to BYU after one year if they meet all the conditions of their suspension, which starts at the end of Winter Semester 1998.

As a result of the suspension, Selleaze's career as a Division I basketball player is over. He could play one more year at a Division II school because he would not be forced to sit out a year if he transferred. Garrett will likely transfer as well and forego the appeal process.

Selleaze and Garrett's suspension could impact next season's recruiting class. Several recruits may attend elsewhere due to the suspensions. Utah Valley State's Silester Rivers and Dixie's Eric Holmes are two players who have been targeted by BYU who have yet to officially sign with the Cougars, and who were reportedly attracted to the program because of Selleaze and/or Garrett.

BYU head basketball coach Steve Cleveland could not be reached for comment.

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