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More Cal: Could They Get
and Gadzuric? Maybe. . . --(April 14,1998)

The signing of Dennis Gates together with current scholarship player Sean Jackson's request for a release from his scholarship could prove an interesting turn of events for the Bears. Jackson's request was granted and while he is considering a transfer, he is not under any current obligation to do so, and could change his mind and return to the team. In other words, he may not transfer, even though he's indicated that he intends to look around. Yeah, right.

Assuming that he does transfer, and even with the signing of Gates, Cal would have a third remaining scholarship rather than the two presently available.

And that's not the only talk of transfer at Cal. It seems that yet another scholarship might open up if Kenyon Jones (6'-10 Jr. C) elects to transfer.

The Daily Cal yesterday contacted Jones, who refused to confirm or deny that he might transfer. So is this a case of the Daily Cal just stirring up the waters or is there any substance to their speculation? If you believe Cal athletic director John Kasser, there's no truth to the rumor at all that Jones is thinking of tranferring. "I know Kenyon pretty well, and as far as I'm concerned, Kenyon's here and he's going to be here," said Kasser. "I've heard the rumors, and I saw Kenyon over the weekend. There's always going to be rumors."

But the Daily Cal didn't stop there. They also wrote that:

"The 270-pound Jones has a history of requesting scholarship releases -- having approached the athletic department with such a request prior to his sophomore season before eventually deciding to stay.

"During his three years at Cal, Jones has experienced an up-and-down career in which inconsistent play has often offset any glimmers of potential. Last year, Jones saw action in 26 contests -- including 14 starts -- and averaged 6.0 points and 3.7 rebounds per game."

Um, ok. So Jones has had an "up-and-down" career. So he asked for a transfer before. Do we sense that the DC wouldn't be too upset if he left? Hmmm.

What would it mean if Cal had four scholarships available (in addition to Gates)?

Well, because Cal is now rumored to have also signed Carl Boyd (6'-4" Jr. G/F) from Porterville Community College, that would only leave three scholarships available. While the Daily Cal today said that Boyd had not yet signed and was still considering his options, others have announced that he has "signed" with the Bears. We may have to wait and see what the true story is tomorrow.

So who else is Cal looking at for the remaining three spots (assuming Gates and Boyd have both signed)?

Well, Cal would still be able to afford both Nowitzki and Dan Gadzuric, Gates, and Boyd and at least one more player. And Cal is still pursuing them both aggressively. Ben Braun and Scott Beeton are both in Germany wooing Nowitzki. Assuming they get both Gad and Dirk, the list of prospects for what would be the one remaining spot is still pretty impressive: Donte Smith (6'-2" Sr. PG) from Anacostia High School in Washington D.C. , who USC was recruiting, but who is no longer being looked at by the Trojans given the signing of Brandon Granville; Solomon Hughes (6'-11" Sr. C) from Fork Union Military Academy in Fort Union, Va.; and Shahar Gordon (6'-10" Sr. PF) from St. Thomas More Prep School in Connecticut, assuming he doesn't go back to Israel to fulfill his military commitment.

So all in all, Cal could have a recruiting class that would place it as one of the best in the nation. Of course if they get Gates, Gadzuric and Nowitzki, they could be the best. We'll have to wait and see.

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