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Reebok Las Vegas Holiday Prep Classic:
A Word About Where We Are--(Dec. 22, 1998)

Since Monday, there have been roughly 75 games, way too much for us to review in a timely fashion.  We are in the process of watching and compiling scores, data and tons of info.  Our good buddy Jason Day, and his photographer friend Larry Gray have been helping, but we are running way behind.   We're writing this from the Durango gym, and uploading some articles, but we'll have a ton of stuff later tonight. 

Quick updates though:

Dominguez lost last night.  They did just beat South Gate and will play tomorrow for 7th place against the winner of Kileen v. Mater Dei. 

Inglewood is currently beating Stratfored with 10:33 to play in the second half 32-26.  We're getting ready to watch Mt. Zion take on St. Ignatius, and then Oak Hill again tonight in the semifinals of the championship round.

More local stuff:

Sylmar plays in about an hour, and this morning they beat Harvard-Westlake.

Henry Bibby is still in town, so is Lute Olsen, Roy Williams, Bob Gibbons, Pat Barrett, Mats Matsubara, David Pump, and a bunch of other folks.  Dinos had enough of the Imperial Palace and left late last night, as did our friends Jason and Larry.

That's it for now. Gotta get back to the games.


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