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Venice High Hammers Hapless SOCES--(Dec. 4, 1998)

Gosh, we just love alliterative headlines. Bring back the days of Spiro Agnew and the nattering nabobs of negativism (hey, some of you probably are too young to even remember who Agnew was. . .sorry but sometimes history intrudes on life).  This one isn't late at all because it just occurred last night, Thursday, December 3:   Venice High beat SOCES by a score of 93-23. Really, they just killed them, and while we didn't see it, we did get a pretty good report.  "We saw the other team warming up and it looked like they might give us a game, but they had no way to deal with our press, which was just relentless," said Venice coach Dave Goosen.

Glen McGowan (6'-8" Sr. PF) scored 32 points, including 24 from the field, and 4 three-pointers.  Anthony Alexander (6'-0" Jr. G)  a transfer from Uni, scored 17 points, had 7 steals, grabbed 5 boards, and had 5 assists, all in about 16 minutes of playing time.  Joe Dural (6'-8" Sr. PG) had 15 points and 10 rebounds, while Kevin Johnson had 10 points, 10 rebounds and 6 blocks.  Montel Duhon had the dreaded devil night, scoring 6 points, 6 boards and 6 steals; and Steve Brown had 8 points and 8 boards. 

This one was apparently not much of a game. "We really didn't get to work on our offense too much," Goosen said.  "All our points seemed to be coming off the transition, and we just never really slowed down."   The scoring was completely one sided.  In the first quarter, SOCES only managed one field goal, and scored two points, totalAt the half, the score was 51-7, and in the second quarter SOCES only managed one more field goal, for a total of two for the half.  And in the third quarter, it got completely out of hand, and SOCES failed to score even a single field goal, coming away with only 1 free-throw.   As a result, Goosen pulled all of his starters, and played only his bench players in the third quarter, and called off the press.

Venice plays next week in the Beverly Hills Tournament.  We'll have the brackets on that one next week.

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