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Upland Wins Upland Tournament
Over Rancho Cucamonga--(Dec 13, 1998)

Until we hear from our friends over at Upland High School, we'll have to settle for what the papers have to say about this one, and what we managed to find was only a report on the Championship game, which was won by Upland, and the Seventh Place game.   Everything in between is a blank as far as details go. This was the schedule for yesterday, so we know we're missing the Third and Fifth place game details:

Championship: Upland vs. Rancho Cucamonga, 8 p.m.
Third Place: Valley View vs. Palm Springs, 6:30 p.m.
Fifth Place: L.A. Locke vs. L.A. Dorsey, 5 p.m.
Seventh Place: Garey vs. Temple City, 3:30 p.m

This is what we have for now:

Championship Game:

Upland 78, Rancho Cucamonga 44--Colin Strand scored 19 points and Desmond Penigar added 17 as Upland routed Rancho Cucamonga 78-44 in the championship game of the Upland Tournament Saturday night at Upland High School. Upland raced out to a 38-19 lead at the half and never looked back. Strand was named the tournament's MVP and Penigar and Brad Busam were each named to the all-tournament team. Derrick Andrews scored 10 points to lead the Cougars and was named to the all-tournament team.

The full scoring for Rancho Cucamonga was Faulkner 2, Lopez 2, Franco 7, Mcdougal 4, Andrews 10, Bond 3, Walleam 5, Taylor 1, Williams 6,
Rogers 4.  For Upland,  the scorers were Strand 19, Pruitt 2, Pace 2, Matt Santos 7, Virani 3, Musa 4, Harris 8, Desmond Peningar 17, Busam 9, Williams 3 Johnson 2, and Hamilton 3.

Score by quarters:

Upland 17 21 19 21 -- 78
RC.      10 9   13 12 -- 44

Third Place Game

Valley View 67, Palm Springs 47--again, no details yet.

Fifth Place Game

Locke 66, Dorsey 65--likewise no details on this one either.

Seventh Place Game:

Garey 71,  Temple City 50--All-tournament player Chris Shaddock had 13 points and six assists and Albert Hill added 12 points and 15 rebounds to lead the Vikings (3-2) to seventh place at Upland High School.  Complete scoring for Garey was: Shaddock 13, Hatter 2, Hogan 9, Yem 3, Thompson 10, Horigan 9, Hill 12, Clayton 6, Ponder 7.  For Temple City, the scoring was done by Beccera 10, Salcedo 4, Jo. Johnson 17, Ja. Johnson 10, Vaugh 7, Gonzalez 2.  Becerra also was assessed with a technical during the game.

Scoring by quarters:

Garey 16 18 11 26 -- 71
Temple City 9 13 10 18 -- 50

And we've also got some pool play results from earlier in the week, Thursday or Friday, we're not sure:

Upland 58, L.A. Locke 42--Desmond Penigar had a double-double (26 points, 14 rebounds) and Colin Strand added 16 points to lead Upland (4-1) over Locke. Upland plays in the tournament championship today. Upland scorers were Strand 16, Santos 6, Harris 2, Penigar 26, Busam 4, Hamilton. Locke scoring was Harmon 2, Groce 2, Moss 2, Cabang 8, Moorer 11, Smith 17.

Garey 71, Palm Springs 60--Chris Shaddock led Garey (2-2) with 17 points and 10 assists, Justin Horigan scored 15 points, Brandon Hogan added 12 points, and Albert Hill pulled down 13 rebounds and scored eight points.  Palm Springs scorers were Caldwell 4, Robetcky 4, Lewis 2, Sawdey 7, Rangel 3, Higueras 6, Custer 13, Diaz 20. Garey scorers were Shaddock 17, Hatter 3, Hogan 12, Ponder 8, Thompson 8, Horigan 15, Hill 8.

And here's just a couple of line scores, but they'll be meaningful to someone, we're sure:

L.A. Dorsey 54, Temple City 52
Rancho Cucamonga 77, Moreno Valley Valley View 72

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