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Thousand Oaks Tourney: Harvard-Westlake
Loses To Newbury Park 78-68--(Dec. 10, 1998)

Harvard-Westlake has won the last four or five Thousand Oaks Rotaray Invitational Tournaments.  This is, we believe, the 27th T.O. Tourney, and it will be the first one that the Wolverines won't be going home with the gold in a while.

We just got word of this one from a friend, who was at the game. Newbury Park, playing without Nick Czernek who is injured, Adam Bobik who is injured and may be out for the season, and without Dan Block, who was also reportedly injured, beat the Wolverines in the semifinal round of the Thousand Oaks Tournament.  So who did they have?  Well, they had Brian Polen, and they also had another buy, Ortiz, who had something like 6 or 7 threes according to our source.  Looks like Newbury Park is going to be tough again this year.  Wonder if they'll spoil Simi's party again. We only managed to get scoring figures for about half the game, i.e., only Harvard-Westlake's scores:  Russell Lakey had 24 points and 6 three pointers, 5 assists; Alex Minn 18 points and 3 threes, Chad Garson had 9 points, including one three. Others scoring were Eric Geffner 7 points and 5 assists, and 8 rebounds before fouling out. Charles Gillig, fresh off his 29 point game last week, went 0-8 from the field but did have 7 rebounds. Todd Kurihawa had 8 points and freshman shooting guard Craig Weinstein had 2 points, one assist and two rebounds, while Brian Coffey had three rebounds, an assist and one steal.

The game was close the whole way.  In the first quarter, Harvard Westlake led 18-16, as Alex Minn scored the first 10 points for the Wolverines. and three of those were three-pointers. Newbury Park managed to close the gap and led 31-32 at the half. In the third, Nebury Park again led 47-44,  and the fourth quarter was a wild scoring affair, with both teams scoring as much as they had during the entire first half.  Newbury eventually outscored Harvard-Westlake in the fourth quarter 31-24  to secure the win. Brian Bobik also had a big role in the Newbury Park scoring, but we didn't get his stats, so we'll fill them in tomorrow. Bobik did foul out. fouled out

Crespi 53, Calabasas 52--Crespi was leading Calabasas by one at the half, 33-32, and Spencer Hariton had 10 points at the half. Michael Goldman was still sitting out in street clothes with some sort of an injury and didn't play. Calabasas missed a 7-footer with just a few seconds remaining as Crespi secured the win. Hariton finished with 20 points.

In other games, our source tells us that Oak Park beat Oxnard, and he thinks the score was something like 45-41, a fairly low scoring game.

More on the Thousand Oaks Rotary Invitational tomorrow morning when the full stats are out.

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