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Reebok Las Vegas Holiday Prep Classic:
Stat Leaders Through Tuesday--(Dec. 23, 1998)

We didn't have time to get all of the stats leaders after Monday night's games, even though the tournament organizers put out a sheet, and we were just too damn tired to type them all in.  But having finally had a chance to gather ourselves and relax for a minute, here are the Tournament Stat Leaders as of Tuesday night. 

Lance Buoncristiani (5'-8" Sr. PG) from Reno's Galena High still had the high point total for the tournament, which actually tied for the fourth highest total in tournament history.  Too bad we didn't get to see the game, because it was quite a performance. With Lance going 14 for 25 from the field, and making 8 of 17 threes.  He also shot a nearly flawless 17-18 from the line, had 3 rebounds and three steals in 28:52 of playing time (the games are two 16 minute halves, so it looks like he at least got a rest). Oh, and he also passed the ball to someone else, because he got two assists in the game as well.

As of Tuesday morning there were some other stats leaders besides those listed below.  Luke Whitehead was tied for second with James Bayless from Eldorado for the Most Field Goals Attempted in the tournament, at 59 over 3 games. And he was also second in Field Goals Made at 31. 

Ronald Johnson of South Gate was tied for second for the Most Free-Throws Made at 24 over three games.  Mater Dei had both the made and attempt records as a team with 95 attempts and 59 makes. 

And finally, the Tournament leader in three point attempts and three point makes, is Chaun Ballard of San Bernardino Pacific with 37 attempted and 28 made (as of Tuesday morning).  We're sure this number will have changed as of Tuesday night, but we won't get yesterday's figures until later today.

For now, here are the stats leaders in points, rebounds and assists through yesterday's games:

Single Game Points Leaders

53 Lance Buoncristiani, Galena (vs. Rangeview)
40 Kevin Gaines, Clark (vs. St. Mary's, N.Y.)
39 Willie Johnson, Edison (vs. Mater Dei)
38 James Bayless, Eldorado (vs. North Surrey)
38 Crane, Golden Valley (vs. Bishop Gorman)
36 Kevin Crockrom, Rancho (vs. Ballou)
36 Ronald Johnson, South Gate (vs. Dominguez)
35 Brian Greene, Horizon (vs. Durango)
33 Ronald Johnson, South Gate (vs. Robeson)
32 Taylor, Bishop Gorman (vs. Golden Valley)
31 Luke Whitehed, St. Ignatius (vs. East Anchorage)
31 Dusan Milicic, Washington College (vs. Jordan)
30 Willie Johnson, Edison (vs. Washington College)
29 Brian Greene, Horizon (vs. Westchester)
29 Brian Lang, Cimarron-Memorial (vs. Henderson County)
29 Deshaw Stevenson, Washington Union (vs. Mountain View)
29 James Frauenberg, St. Mary's (N.Y.) (vs. Clark)
28 Carl Ulmer, North Surrey (vs. Eldorado)
28 Jawan Carter, Fremont (vs. Killeen)
28 Ryan Chaffe, Governor Simcoe (vs. Eldorado)
27 Marquis Daniels, Mt. Zion (vs. Golden Valley)
27 Jason Burns, Durango (vs. Horizon)
27 Joel Suarez, St. Mary’s (N.Y.) (vs. Robeson)
27 Deshawn Anderson, Washington Union (vs. Overland)
27 Cedric Brooks, Killeen (vs. Oak Hill)
26 Matt Stricker, East Union (vs. Horizon)
26 Savaughn Bailey, Marine Military (vs. Harvard-Westlake)
26 Tanner Shell, Mountain View (vs. Durango)
25 Willie Johnson, Edison (vs. Cimarron-Memorial)
25 Brandon isher, Henderson County (vs. Cimarron-Memorial)
25 Chuan Ballard, Pacific (vs. Clark)
25 Kevin Gaines, Clark (vs. Pacific)
25 Tyler Zornes, Boyd County (vs. Palo Verde)
25 Chey Christie, Durango (vs. Mountain View)
25 Cedric Brooks, Killeen (vs. Westchester)
25 Derek McCoy, Skyview (vs. Governor Simcoe)
25 Steve Scoggin, Mater Dei (vs. Killeen)
24 Tyler Zornes, Boyd County (vs. Fontana)
24 Chuan Ballard, Pacific (vs. Las Vegas)
24 Casey Reid-Crockett, Las Vegas (vs. Pacific)
24 Ryan Gorah, Horizon (vs. East Union)
24 Brian Biggs, Boyd County (vs. St. Mary's, Ariz.)
24 Darren Peterson, Jordan (vs. Washington College)
24 Filip Videnov, Washington College (vs. Edison)
23 Matt Bahl, Skyview (vs. Dominguez)
23 Chris Smith, Pacific (vs. Las Vegas)
23 Brian Lang, Cimarron-Memorial (vs. Harvard Westlake)
23 Kevin Gaines, Clark (vs. Governor Simcoe)
23 Scott Roberts, Cody (vs. Palo Verde)
23 Josh Jenkins, Rangeview (vs. Galena)
23 Tim Barnes, Henderson County (vs. Cimarron-Memorial)
23 Lawrence Bernard, Las Vegas (vs. East Anchorage)
23 Deshawn Anderson, Washington Union (vs. Fontana)
23 Josh Jenkins, Rangeview (vs. Marine Military)


17 Ronald Johnson, South Gate (vs. Bishop Gorman)
17 Casey Reid-Crockett, Las Vegas (vs. Skyview)
16 Casey Reid-Crockett, Las Vegas (vs. Pacific)
15 Matt Stricker, East Union (vs. Horizon)
15 Tyson Chandler, Dominguez (vs. Pacific)
15 Keith Brooks, Dominguez (vs. Pacific)
15 Chason Holmes, Ballou (vs. Rancho)
15 Casey Reid-Crockett, Las Vegas (vs. East Anchorage)
15 Keith Brooks, Dominguez (vs. South Gate)
14 Josh Englehart, Cimarron-Memorial (vs. Harvard-Westlake)
14 Abdou Diame, Oak Hill (vs. Fontana)
14 Jason Burns, Durango (vs. Horizon)
14 Matt Stricker, East Union (vs. Hopkinsville)
14 Travon Bryant, Jordan (vs. Mater Dei)
13 Gabe Vigil, Skyview (vs. Dominguez)
13 Brian Greene, Horizon (vs. Durango)
13 James Bayless, Eldorado (vs. North Surrey)
12 Kenny Booker, Mt. Zion (vs. Golden Valley)
12 Zelij Gavranovic, St. Mary's AZ (vs. Inglewood)
12 Charlie Jackson, Hopkinsville (vs. Montclair Prep)
12 Mike McNish, Rangeview (vs. Mater Dei)
12 Charlie Jackson, Hopkinsville (vs. Durango)
12 Brent Vetvick, Newport (vs. Inglewood)
12 Luke Whitehead, St. Ignatius (vs. Clark)
12 Kevin Gaines, Clark (vs. St. Ignatius)
12 Josh Jenkins, Rangeview (vs. Galena)
12 Jason Carter, Bishop Gorman (vs. Golden Valley)
12 Gary Holmes, Fontana (vs. Newport)
12 Germain Flitch, Butler (vs. Eldorado)
12 James Bayless, Eldorado (vs. Butler)
12 Keith Kincade, Dominguez (vs. St. Ignatius)
12 Etienne Agnimel, Marine Marine (vs. Rangeview)
12 Kevin Gaines, Clark (vs. St. Mary's, N.Y.)
12 Mike Ridgway, Stratford (vs. Inglewood


10 Howard Smith, Kileen (vs. Palo Verde)
9 Brady Richeson, Mountain View (vs. Newbury Park)
8 Dewaynius Harris, Butler (vs. Montclair Prep)
9 Coy Boykin, Las Vegas (vs. East Anchorage)
7 Ander Pinendo, Washington College (vs. Denver East)
7 Steven Blake, Oak Hill (vs. Killeen)
7 Howard Smith, Killeen (vs. Westchester)
7 Marcus Moore, Dominguez (vs. South Gate)
6 Filip Videnov, Washington College (vs. Denver East)
6 Chris Smith, Pacific (vs. Las Vegas)
6 Brett Cox, Mountain View (vs. Newbury Park)
6 Steven Blake, Oak Hill (vs. Fontana)
6 Kevin Gaines, Clark (vs. Pacific)
6 Brian Taylor, Inglewood (vs. Stratford)
6 T.K. Reed, Sylmar (vs. Butler)
5 Howard Smith, Killeen (vs. Washington)
5 Derrick Mansell, Mater Dei (vs. Henderson County)
5 Marquiss Daniels, Mt. Zion (vs. St. Mary's (N.Y.)
5 Terry Gray, Washington College (vs. Jordan)
5 Ben Lev, Green Valley (vs. Sylmar)
5 Russell Lakey, Harvard-Westlake (vs. Marine Military)
5 Donnie Day, Hopkinsville (vs. East Union)
5 Coupe Taylor, Washington Union (vs. Overland)
5 Kevin Gaines, Clark (vs. St. Mary's N.Y.)
5 Howard Smith, Killeen (vs. Mater Dei)

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