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San Dimas Tournament Pool
Play Results--(Dec. 10, 1998)

This is an 8 team tournament which will run through Saturday, and which features Northview, Don Lugo, Diamond Bar, Hacienda Heights Wilson, San Dimas, Walnut, Bonita and Lynwood. Pool play started Tuesday and will run through today.

Tuesday First Round Results:

Lynwood 74, Northview 67--The Knights (2-2) got a game-high 35 points and nine rebounds from senior guard Gary Floyd and a triple-double from Gary Lenoir, who collected 20 points, 10 rebounds and 10 assists, in their pool play win over the Vikings (0-1) at the San Dimas Tournament.

Diamond Bar 67, Walnut 50-- Brian Pichon and Kevin Turner scored 21 points apiece as Diamond Bar pulled away in the second half for a 67-50 victory over Walnut in pool play of the San Dimas Tournament Tuesday.  Turner added 11 rebounds and five assists for Diamond Bar, scoring 10 points in the pivotal third quarter. Pichon scored 11 of his in the fourth and added three steals. Diamond Bar's complete scoring was: Pichon 21, Little 10, Turner 21, Craig 4, Taylor 11.  For Walnut the scorers were: Green 11, Joseph 18, Ramirez 5, Tash 6, Carstensen 6, Ramos 2, Park 2.

Don Lugo 67, Bonita 57--Matt Hinojosa added six assists, eight rebounds, five steals and four blocks for Don Lugo (2-1), while Andy Galindo made 7-of-8 from the field for his 19 points. Bonita dropped to 0-1. Scoring for Don Lugo was Hinojosa 16, Hong 8, Rivas 3, Kirby 9, Cortez 12, Galindo 19. Bonita's scorers were Carr 2, Musa 4, Estrada 1, Weischedel 8, Evans 17, McCravon 2, Robinson 8, Ketterling 5, Morris 6, Powell 4.

San Dimas 77, Hacienda Heights Wilson 46--The Saints won their season opener as Josh Smith added 12 rebounds and six blocked shots. D. J. Hackett had eight of his 13 points in the second quarter to help the Saints pull away. For Wilson, the scorers were Loo 6, Espineli 2, Griffin 17, Richards 1, Degiacomo 10, Cheng 10.  For San Dimas, the scoring was done by Smith 21, Grundy 10, Trujillo 8, Robinson 2, Williams 7, D. Hackett 13, Delgado 2, R. Hackett 8, Greenlee 4, and Patel 2.

In yesterday's pool play game schedule was

Northview vs. Don Lugo, 4 p.m.
Diamond Bar vs. Hacienda Heights Wilson, 5:30 p.m.
San Dimas vs. Walnut, 7 p.m.
Bonita vs. Lynwood, 8:30 p.m

Here are the results:  Note, we didn't get the Bonita v. Lynwood game, so if anyone knows what happened, let us in on it.

Don Lugo 70, Northview 59-- Matt Hinojosa scored 30 points and added 13 rebounds, seven blocks, six assists, and five steals to lead Don Lugo (3-1) to victory. For Covina Northview, the scoring was done by Washington 4, Del Real 4, Samudio 3, Wallace 17, Butler 1, Laws 11, Nuguid 6,  and Mercado 13.  For Don Lugo, the scoring was Hinojosa 30, Blaylock 3, Hong 10, Rivas 7, Kirby 6, Cortez 5, Galindo 6, Wetzel 3.

Diamond Bar 82, Hacienda Heights Wilson 47-- Brian Pichon had 14 points and four steals, Kevin Turner had 16 points and three assists, and Marc Jecmen led the team with 13 rebounds. Diamond Bar outscored Wilson in every quarter but the second.  In the first DB went on a 27-11 run, then in the third outscored Wilson 25-13, and in the fourth outscored them 19-10.  For Wilson, the scoring was accomplished by Loo 15, Lee 4, Esperli 5, Parker 3, Griffin 5, Degracouo 10, Cheng 2, Pierre 3. Diamond Bar's scorers were Little 12, Pichon 14, Mitchell 2, Turner 16, Horton 2, J.J. Craig 7, Taylor 14, Papez 4, Fenderson 4, Jecmen 2

San Dimas 75, Walnut 46-- In another mismatch, San Dimas broke out to a 20-4 first quarter lead, and never looked back as D.J. Hackett had a game high 22 points, and Josh Smith added 13 points for San Dimas (2-0). Walnut's scoring was done by Green 10, DeLone 10, Joseph 5, Ramirez 2, Tashroudian 4, Mason 7, Fuld 2, Liu 2, Villareal 4. San Dimas' scorers were Smith 13, Grundy 10, Malana 6, D. Hackett 22, Williams 4, R. Hackett 8, Ramirez 2, Greenlee 8, and Ingram 2.

Today's pool play game Schedule is:

Walnut vs. Hacienda Heights Wilson, 4 p.m.
Don Lugo vs. Lynwood, 5:30 p.m.
Northview vs. Bonita, 7 p.m.
San Dimas vs. Diamond Bar, 8:30 p.m.

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