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Ricky Anderson, Schea Cotton Updates--(Dec. 26, 1998)

There were a ton of coaches out at the Best in the West yesterday:  Cal's Scott Beeten, USC's Sylvie Dominguez and David Miller, and many others, including Long Beach City College coach Gary Anderson, who also happens to be the father of Arizona freshman Ricky Anderson.  Gary was pleased with Ricky's progress so far, and also said that he was pleased with Ricky's playing time was good the last game out, even if it did come at the expense of Ruben Douglas and Richard Jefferson, who were the merry pranksters last week in Vegas, running up and down the hallway of their hotel knocking on doors; the little prank got them sent home by Lute. 

But the guy he really wanted to talk about was Schea Cotton.  "He does things that are just truly great. He's a phenomenal player. He's been getting points for us in ways we never thought would be possible, scoring 30+ points, and they are hard points, with teams double and triple teaming him all night," Anderson said.  "We'd be a good team without him, but with him we're playing extremely well, and the results pretty much say it all." 

"We've also had at least two or three pro scouts out to most of our games, and they are really interested in Schea,but he still would like to play at the NCAA level, at least that's my personal opinion," Anderson said.  "He came to us with some college units from his time at UCLA, and there are some things happening in the next few weeks with the NCAA, involving some legal actions, and it's just possible that Schea will gain his eligibility to sign somewhere by next year.  I hope he is able to because he's just a great young man, and has been really treated unfairly."

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