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Providence High Tournament First Round Results --(Dec. 4, 1998)

Windward 54, LA Lutheran 37-- Windward got off to a quick start, outscoring LA Lutheran 24-5 in the first quarter to take the first round win.

St. Bonaventure 73, Viewpoint 47-- St. Bonaventure managed to improve it's overall record to 2-0 on the season in getting the first round win.

Providence 103, Highland Hall 20--This wasn't a basketball game, it was a slaughter, as Providence had every player score.  Tony Alvarez had 13, Appollo Kascinta had 18, and Derek Jones scored 12, while Gino Pedraja had 16.  Highland Hall never scored more than 6 points in any quarter, and only scored 4 in the fourth.

Oakwood 73, St. Genevieve 49-- Oakwood is now 2-0 on the season after winning maybe one or two games the entire season last year.  Nick Mark (6'-5" So. F) scored 12 points, while Tohomas scored 16 and Musgrave 14. 

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