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La Canada Holiday Classic Schedule:
First Round Set For Today--(Dec. 15, 1998)

The La Canada Holiday Classic Tournament gets underway today with games at St. Francis, and then tomorrow the games switch over to La Canada High.   This is a tournament featuring Bishop Montgomery, Schurr, St. Francis, Moorpoark, Burbank Burroughs, Sherman Oaks Notre Dame (which is also at the Valencia Holiday Slam Tourney), Santa Monica, Loyola, North Delta, Glendale, St. Thomas More (which one we're not sure about), La Canada, Pasadena, New Westminster, Carson Graham and Blair.

This one will feature some great teams and players, including Chris Williams (6'-8" Sr. PF) and Cody Pearson (6'-2" So. PG/SG) from Notre Dame, Aras Baskuskas (6'-2" Sr. PG/SG) from Santa Monica, the "other" Justin Davis (6'-7" Sr. C) from Pasadena, and Todd Tomlinson (6'-0" Jr. SG) and Sean Corkery (6'-0" Sr. PG) from Moorpark. 

Pool play begins today at St. Francis and continues throughout the week, and the playoffs start the following week.   We're not sure whether there is also a jv bracket here, because a couple of the team names we just absolutely don't recognize (like Carson Graham) but it's possible that this and North Delta are just teams from out of the area.  And likewise, we're not sure which "St. Thomas More" is entered, i.e., a local school (we didn't know there was one here in SoCal) or possibly the same St. Thomas More where Brandon Hawkins and Nick VanderLaan are currently attending (we doubt it, but you never know until you know. . . we'll try to find out).  If you're out in the Glendale-Pasadena-La Canada area, then you'll definitely want to check this one out.   Here's the schedule for the entire pool play portion of the tournament as far as we know it:

At St. Francis Tuesday, December 15, 1998
5:00 p.m. Bishop Montgomery v. Schurr
6:30 p.m. Blair v. St. Francis
At La Canada Wednesday, December 16, 1998
3:30 p.m. Moorpark v. Burroughs
5:00 p.m. S.O. Notre Dame v. Santa Monica
6:30 p.m. Burroughs v. La Canada
8:00 p.m. North Delta v. Loyola
At La Canada Thursday, December 17, 1998
3:30 p.m. Burroughs v. New Westminster
5:00 p.m. Muir v. Sherman Oaks Notre Dame
6:30 p.m. Pasadena v. North Delta
8:00 p.m. Glendale v. St. Thomas More
At La Canada Friday December 18, 1998
5:00 p.m. Santa Monica v. Muir
6:30 p.m. Loyola v. Pasadena
8:00 p.m. New Westminster v. La Canada
At St. Francis Friday December 18, 1998
3:30 p.m. Schurr v. Glendale
5:00 p.m. St. Thomas More v. Bishop Montgomery
6:30 p.m. Blair v. Moorpark
8:00 p.m. Carson Graham v. St. Francis
At St. Francis Saturday, December 19, 1998
3:15 p.m. Blair v. Carson Graham
4:45 p.m. Schurr v. St. Thomas More
6:30 p.m. Bishop Montgomery v. Glendale
8:00 p.m. Moorpark v. St. Francis

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