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San Diego Nike National Prep Classic:
Why Horizon Won't Be There--(Dec. 25, 1998)

We just got an e-mail from Jim Thornton, the President of the San Diego Horizon Booster's Club.  Here's what he wrote:

Hi!  I just wanted to let you know that Horizon hasn't "pulled out" of the Nike tournament. They made a commitment to go to a tournament in Ketchikan Alaska months ago. (You can check out Horizon's schedule on the website,

There's nothing sudden or mysterious about it. The coaches thought it would be a great experience for the kids to go to Alaska. The team leaves for Alaska tomorrow and will be back next Thursday.

If you have any questions, drop me a line [at].   Keep up the good work. I enjoy reading your stuff.  Merry Christmas!

Jim Thornton
Horizon Men's Basketball Booster Club President

Jim is right, it has been a known fact for months that Horizon wouldn't be at the Nike Tournament.  In our preview of Horizon Christian, written and posted on October 29, Coach Zack Jones told us that they would be "going to Alaska for the Clarke Cochrane Classic from December 26 to the 31st. That one will feature teams from all over, including Canada, North Carolina, D.C. (St. Alban's). "

So we want to thank Jim Thornton for reminding us about the info we had here all along at SoCalHoops.  So that explains why Horizon won't be at the Nike deal; but what it doesn't explain is why the San Diego Nike folks didn't rearrange the brackets sooner or at least find another team to replace Horizon more than two months ago.  Oh well.  At least now we know where the Panthers will be next week.

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