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Garey Game Against Corona
Ends Prematurely--(Dec. 4, 1998)

Playing in its season opener Tuesday at home, the Garey boys basketball team rallied from a 12-point deficit to take a one-point lead over Corona in the final minutes of the first half.   But the game ended early when both Albert Hilland Brian Ponder both pulled down on the rim at the same time, and the entire backboard broke.   Shattered Plexiglas was all over the floor and on players, who had to take a great deal of care to rid themselves of fragments. The rest of the game was cancelled. Garey would like to replay the game, but
that may not be possible given the scheduling requirements of each team.

When Garey's Brandon Hogan missed a layup (he was fouled on the play), Hill and Ponder both went to follow up the shot. They both grabbed the rim, shattered the backboard (a la Dawkins) and sent the rim to the floor. "They both grabbed it, so there was about 400 pounds of weight on the rim," Garey coach Burke said. "Unfortunately, some of the fans thought it was the most exciting thing."
"We were down 17-11 after a quarter, then scored 22 points in the first five minutes of the second," Burke said. "The kids were really depressed in the locker room," Burke said. "They wanted to play."

The rim and backboard, of course had to be repaired. Since one basket needed to be fixed anyway, Garey administrators decided to replace the other rim. The cost? $2400. Not only that, there was a dent put in the floor when the rim fell. That will need to be repaired too, but estimates are still being prepared. Not only is this costly, but the Vikings schedule is affected. Until the gym floor is repaired, the team will practice at a side gym, and tonight's nonleague contest against Chaffey was moved to Chaffey's gym.   "I just hope this is a once-in-a-lifetime situation," Burke said.

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