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Darren Oliver Fullerton High
Tournament Results--(Dec. 10, 1998)

Tuesday Results:

Orange 74, Bolsa Grande 62--Tion Demeyers scored a game-high 24 points, including six three-pointers, as the Panthers (4-1) defeated the Matadors (4-1) at Fullerton High.

La Serna 62, Santa Ana 47-- Robby Leark scored a game high 20 points to lead La Serna, who played Orange tonight at 7:15 in the second round. La Serna improved to 3-0 while Santa Ana dropped to 0-2 on the year.   

Wednesday Results:

Fullerton 38, Torrance 37-- In what has to be one of the all-time low scoring games of the year, Josh Nettings came off the bench to score 10 points, including 8 of the last 14 in a row for Fullerton. Torrance is now 0-2 on the year, while Fullerton is 3-3.  Others socring for Fullerton were Torres with 8, Axubuike 6, Brown 6, Chambers 8 and Nettings with 10.  Torrance scorers were Lockwood with 8, Chang 2, Kalama 16, Schnabel 1, Browne 6, Dolby 2 and Schaeffer 2. 

Savannah 78, Santiago 34--Savannah was led by the scoring of Purnell with 187, Brown with 16, Boon 13, Nelson 10 Watanabe and Hutton with 6 each, Butler 4, Smith 2 and Weston with 4.  Santiago only had one scorer in double figures, Soriano with 12.  Others scoring were Kedrick 2, Lopez 2, Lizarraras 9, Baud 4, Krouch 3, and Pineda with 2.  In the first half, Santiago only scored 9 points, 5 in the first quarter to 19 for Savanna, and they were outscored 20-4 in the second quarter.  In the third the two teams managed to play it even at 15-15, but then Savannah opened the game up again with a 24-10 run.  Savannah improved to 4-2 on the year.

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