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The Missing Photos: John R. Wooden
High School Invitational--(Dec. 12, 1998)

Remember we told you that we lost the pics from the Wooden High School Invitational from last weekend?  The ones from the Dominguez v. Waltrip game and the Mater Dei v. Glendora game?  Well, it turns out we really didn't lose them, but just misplaced the disks.  Had them all along and didn't know it.   They were tucked away in one of our bags we carry to games with some of our stuff, and last night we found them while watching the Mater Dei v. Horizon game (Mater Dei won by the way, but more on that later).  Here are the pics from the Dominguez v. Waltrip game.  We'll have the Mater Dei v. Glendora game shortly.

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