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Strange Island Ritual: Catalina Classic
Schedules A Slaughter--(Dec. 18, 1998)

Call the police.  Call the Coast Guard. The people of Avalon are committing strange teenage sacrifices on Catalina island. Stop them before somebody gets hurt. This is a little tournament held on the island of Catalina in the City of Avalon,  just 26 miles off the Los Angeles coast (actually part of LA County),   but it might as well have been Bosnia-Herzegovina, because what took place there yesterday were a couple of  massacres. 

This is an 8 team tourney, but the island gods only managed to come up with six varsity teams from the mainland (Julian, La Salle, Coutin, Silver Valley and Anaheim) so they scheduled their own Avalon JV team against Pacific Hills JV.   Pacific Hills!!!   When we saw the score of the game, we assumed that it was the Pacific Hills varsity, you know, the defending  Division V State Champions from last year.  But when we looked at the names doing all the scoring, we discovered that it really was the Pacific Hills JV.  And if this JV team is any indication of what's coming along after Ryan Abrahams and Brandon Owens graduate, then the rest of D-V had better look out. That, or the Avalon team coming up isn't going to be very good.  Here's what happened. 

Pacific Hills 80, Avalon JV 12-- There's not much to say about this one. Here's the scoring by quarters:

Pacific Hills    28    24     18    10
Avalon JV      2       4        3      3

PH scorers were Daamash with 9, Wade 10, Coleitnan 9, Martinez 7, Bali 8, Hill 4, Davis 2, Cole 10, Bok 12, and Amedu 9. Avalon JV scorers were Hayden with 2, Hernandez with 1, Avery 2, Engel 7 and Cushing 0.   After this game, we have no idea who the Avalon JV will be playing, but they'd better be careful, because someone could get hurt.

Yesterday's varsity games weren't much more balanced either:

Avalon 75, Coutin 33: The Lancers, who got 18 points from Ken Harrell, blew the game open in the third quarter, outscoring the Knights, 25-2, and rolled to a first-round win at the Catalina Classic. Other scorers were Romo 7, Eroen 11, Martin 8, Garcia 3, Herbst 10, Talsky 12, and Devin Harrell 3.  Coutin was outscored 15-7 in the first quarter, 14-10 in the second, and then just hammeered 25-2 in the third, finally being outscored 21-14 in the fourth.  Coutin scorers were Consalter 9, Figlin 2, Conger 7, Espinoza 2, Blunt 1, Long 2, Johnson 1, and Santiago 6.

La Salle 62, Julian 40--Tommy Remillard dropped in 18 points and teamates Brian Brisbin and Joey Williams each had 11 rebounds for the Lancers, who are now 5-2 overall, cruised to the win. For La Salle, J.R. Davidson had 2, Jason Kenoyer 7, Albert Aquino 12, Joey Williams 8, Kelsey Foster 6, Brian Brisbin 5, Austin Richey 2, and Matt Kelley 2.  Julian was outscored 18-10 in the third and 21-11 in the fourth..  La Salle only lead 21-19 at the half.

One game was pretty even, but it's the only one that wasn't reported in any of the papers, at least as to details, and that was Silver Valley 77, Anaheim 72.

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