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Best In The West:   All-Tournament Team--(Dec. 31, 1998)

Unbeliveably, Tyson Chandler, who had one of the best games we've ever seen him play, didn't make the All-Tournament team.  But that's probably because the selections were made even before the final game had been played.  Really, that's true.  We saw the list being circulated at the media table during the Artesia v. Clovis West game, and Tyson's name wasn't on it, and nobody thought to add it after the game either.  And there was a reason for that since he was averaging about 5.2 points in the games prior the final, and not really playing all that well.  Little did everyone know what was going to happen in the final against Verbum Dei.  Oh well, we'll save that for a separate report.  Here's the All-Tournament team:

Tournament MVP--Marlon Parmer (Verbum Dei)

All Tournament Team

Ashley  Knowlton (Clovis West)
Charlie Rodriguez (Clovis West)
Marlon Parmer (Verbum Dei)
Dalron Johnson (Verbum Dei)
Errick Craven (Bishop Montgomery)
Darren Peterson (Long Beach Jordan)
Jack May (Ayala)
Amaury Fernandez (Artesia)
Jason Kapono (Artesia)
Marquis Poole (Compton Centennial)
Jeb Ivey (Bellarmine Prep, San Jose)
Wesley Stokes (Long Beach Poly)
Ellis Myles (Compton)
Keith Kincade (Dominguez)
Ronald Jackson (Dominguez)
Keith Brooks (Dominguez)

There were lots of other guys who were also deserving of being named to the All-Tournament selections at the BIW, but apparently whoever picked this list (and it wasn't us this time, because we got there just in time for the Artesia game, by which time the list was already selected) thought these were the Best of the Best in the West for 1998.  Congratulations to the guys selected, and our condolences to those who weren't to the extent anyone thinks such things are meaningful.

Among the top scorers were the following:

Marquis Poole (Compton Centennial) 28.3 ppg over 4 games (he only played a few minutes and scored 2 points in the last game, which should have dragged down his average a lot, but if you only count four games, then he was certainly the tournament leader. 

Other notable high scorers:

Marlon Parmer-- Verbum Dei - 19.8 ppg (5 games)
Amaury Fernandez--Artesia - 18.6 ppg (5 games)
Errick Craven--Bishop Montgomery - 18.3 ppg (4 games)
Jason Kapono--Artesia - 17.6 ppg (5 games)
Dalron Johnson--Verbum Dei- 16.8 ppg (5 games)
Joe Kirchofer--Laguna Creek- 15.3 ppg over 4 games
Charlie Rodriguez--Clovis West- 15.0 ppg (5 games)
Russell Lakey--Harvard-Westlake- 15.0 ppg (4 games)
Travon Bryant--Long Beach Jordan - 14.2 ppg (5 games)
Tito Maddox--Compton - 14.0 ppg (3 games)--(not an impressive performance)
Keith Kincaide--Dominguez - 13.4 ppg (5 games)
Derrick Craven--Bishop Montgomery - 11.6 ppg (5 games)
Jack Martinez--Artesia - 10.8 ppg (5 games)
Gabriel Hughes--Bishop Montgomery- 10.8 ppg (5 games)

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