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Artesia In Florida At City Of Palms
Classic This Weekend--(Dec. 19, 1998)

Just a reminder that the Nations Bank/City of Palms Holiday Classic got started on Friday, featuring Artesia and Jason Kapono against some of the best teams in the country (at least the best teams who aren't in Vegas this week).  The 26th annual Nations Banks/City of Palms Classic runs from December 18th-23rd in Ft.Myers, Florida, and is organized by Donnie Wilkie, who's put together another outstanding tournament.

In previous events, the tournament has featured players like   Tim Thomas, Al Harrington, Kris Johnson, Shaheen Holloway, Tayshuan Prince, and Chuancey Billups. This year will feature Jason Kapono,  Marvin Stone and Donnell Harvey  among the top senior prospects who will  be playing. The City of Palms Classic games will be played at Bishop Verot High School in Palms, and like the Vegas, there will be no games on Sunday.

Friday's games featured

St. Patricks vs Miami (Fla) Northwest Christian
Barron Collier (Fla) vs Artesia
Scott County (Ken.) vs Gainsville (Fla)

Saturday's game schedule (who comes up with these screwy times. . . how about just every 1.5 hour increments on the hour?):

12:40 pm   Cathedral Academy  (Ga) vs Little Rock  (Ark) Centeral
2:25 pm     Archbishop Carroll  (D.C.) vs Jacksonville   (Fla) Ribault
4:10 pm     Horsham  (Penn) Hatboro-Horsham vs Louisville (Ken) Ballard
6:05 pm     Coolidge  (D.C.) vs Cuthbert (Ga) Randolth Clay
8:20 pm     Grissom  (Ala) vs Mariner(Fla)
10:05pm    Quarterfinal: Scott Co./Gainesville winner vs St. Patricks/NW Chr. winner

On Monday, December 21, you'll see:

9:30 am     Consolation: Arch. Carroll/Ribault loser vs BCollier/Artesia loser
11:15 am   Consolation: Coolidge/RandClay loser vs Scott Co/Gainsville loser
1:00 pm     Consolation: Grissom/Mariner loser vs Hat-Horsham/Ballard loser
2:45 pm     Consolation: St. Patricks/NW Chr. loser vs Cathedral/LRCenteral loser
6:30 pm     Q-final: Cathedral/LRCenteral winner vs ArchCarroll/Rabault winner
8:35 pm     Q-Final: Coolidge/RandClay winner vs Grissom/Mariner winner
10:20 pm   Q-Final: Hat-Horsham/Ballard winner vs BCollier/Artesia winner

Tuesday, December 22:

12:10 am   Consolation: winner/game11 vs winner/game
11:45am    Consolation: winner/game 10 vs winner/game 13
1:30 pm     Fifth-place semifinal: loser/game 1 vs loser/game 9
7:30 pm     Fifth-place semifinal: winner/game14 vs winner/game 9
9:00 pm    City of Palms semifinal winner: winner/game 16 vs. winner/game 15

Wednesday, December 23rd

11:15 am  Consolation: winner/game 17 vs winner/game 18
2:45 pm    Fifth-place championship:winner/game 20 vs winner/game 19
4:45 pm    Third-place championship: loser/game 22 vs loser/game 21
9:30 pm.   City of Palms championship: winner/game 21 vs winner game 22

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