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Best In The West Day One: Game No. 2
Pasadena Beats Canyon Springs-- (Dec. 26, 1998)

Pasadena 85, Canyon Springs 72

Pasadena was a clearly superior team athletically, but we really like Jason Braxton (6'-2" So. SG/SF)., and Solomon Bates (6'-3" Sr. SF), who were playing especially well when we saw them early in the game for Canyon Springs.   We couldn't stick around for the conclusion of the game, but in the first half at least, it appeared that Clayton Coleman (6'-5" Sr. SF/PF) was having a tough time   getting going.  Justin Davis (6'-7" Sr. PF) is a real stud, can bang and also rebounded well today, and there really wasn't much doubt about who was going to win this one as Pasadena led 37-23 at the half, and then extended the lead at the end of the third to 61-39.  Even though Canyon had a 32 point fourth quarter, largely behind Braxton and Stakowsky, it wasn't enough as Pasadena also scored 24 points in the quarter to hand on for a 13 point winning margin.   

The scorers for Canyon Springs were Jason Braxton with 20 points, Solomon Bates with 6,  John Stakowsky (5'-11" Sr. PG/SG) who also scored 20,  Dyron Walker (6'-2" Jr. SG), with 8,  Charles Gibson (6'-2" Jr. SG) with 7, Bryant Robinson (6'-0" Jr. SG) with 6, Maurice Baker (6'-3" Sr. SF) with 1 and Chad Rossen (6'-7" Jr. F) with 4.  

For Pasadena, the scorers were Reggie Harmon (5'-8" Jr. PG) with 6,  Justin Davis (6'-7" Sr. F) who had only 4,  David Ball (6'-0" Sr. G) with 2, Vahan  Parseghian (6'-0" Sr. G) who also only had 2, George DeJohnette (6'-1" Sr.G) who had all 18 of his points in the second half,   Jasun Ridley (6'-3" Sr. G) who had 12,   Josh Duncan (6'-4" Jr. F) who also had 12,  Kevin Richard ( 6'-5" Sr. F) who finished with 6,   Douglas Thomas (6'-7" So. F) a big strong player who finished with 8, and Clayton Coleman (6'-5" Sr. F) who finished with 13.

Here's the score by quarters.

Pasadena 22 15 24 24
Canyon Springs 17 6 16 32

Pasadena goes on in the winner's bracket and will face Artesia on Monday at 1:25 p.m. in the West Gym at Long Beach State in Game 23, and we'd bet on Artesia, but the Pasadena frontline matches up pretty well; they just don't play as well together as a team, at least not yet this early in the season.  Canyon Springs drops to the consolation bracket and will meet Long Beach Millikan at 10:00 a.m. on Monday in Game 17 at the Lakewood High gym.

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