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Jason Day: More Reebok Vegas Prep Classic:
Oak Hill Academy Pics--(Dec. 28, 1998)

Our friend and correspondent Jason Day has been working with Larry Gray, who took some great pictures at the Reebok Classic.  These are mostly of Oak Hill and their opponents, and given the quality of the equipment that Larry was using, they are a lot sharper and clearer than anything we've been ab le to shoot with our little Sony Mavica digital camera.  We hope you enjoy them.  And if you are in SoCal, then you'll want to make plans to attend the Nike Extravaganza this February where you'll see Oak Hill take on Dominguez for the second year in a row.


by Jason Day

photos by Larry Gray

First and foremost....Merry Christmas, Happy Kwanza, Happy Hanukah, Happy Ramadan (except you Saddam)...Well...just happy holidays to all of you.

Secondly, we're very sorry for taking so long to get this stuff up...there are lots of reasons (excuses) but I'll spare you the gory details. Anyway, we're back and we brought a ton of flicks with us and we hope you enjoy

CHRIS WILLIAMS VS. INGLEWOOD.jpg (16897 bytes) REYNOLDS AT THE LINE.jpg (10342 bytes)
Chris Williams #32 against Inglewood. Terry Reynolds #23 with the good form.

The Sentinels, who I think are one of the better teams around the L.A. area, were just overpowered by Oak Hill (like all of their opponents were) and lost 97-50.

DIAME VS FOHI'S BAKER.jpg (13298 bytes) FLYIN IN FOR THE DUNK.jpg (15006 bytes)

(Left): Abdou Diame #40, a Senegalese transfer, is a 6'8 skywalker. Fontana's Baron Baker #5, at 5'10 shows that he can leap with the big boys. However, the big boys still won by 30.

(Right) Unknown Oak Hill player takes Inglewood's #12 to the rack. Ok
it was Lenny, but he was "up dere" wasn't he.

WATSON GUARDS INBOUNDS.jpg (12491 bytes)

Travis Watson, a "dunkmeister" in his own right, hassles the inbounds pass.


Jason Day

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