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Best In The West Day One: Game No. 12
Ayala Beats Hanford--(Dec. 27, 1998)

Hanford 41, Ayala 55

We didn't see any of this game, although we wanted to, so we can't tell you how any of these guys really played.  We can tell you that lots of people were mixing Ayala's Daniel Sherman up with Long Beach Jordan's Trayvon Bryant, and the two of them could be easily mistaken for the other. Hey, we've done it before too, so we understand.  The only place they wouldn't be confused though is on the court when it came to scoring yesterday, because Sherman (6'-7" Sr. F)--who is about two inches shorter than Trayvon-- only managed 4 points in the game against Hanford yesterday, while Bryant plays a lot more physically, and he had 10 more points (14) in his game against   LA High; but that's a whole diffferent story.  Sherman has been having trouble this season from what we can tell, and he'll need to get his focus back;  he's gotten some attention from some mid-major D-I's and even the Oregons, but he will clearly need to improve his numbers if he's going to impress people. The guys who really did the bulk of the scoring for Ayala were the same ones who've been doing it all year: Marcel Burke (6'-4" Jr. G/F) scored 12, Jack May (6'-7" Sr. F/C) had 10, Chasen Jones (5'-11" Jr. G) had 3, while Chris Pacana (5'-11" Jr. PG/SG) had 11 as did Marc McCoy (5'-10" Jr. PG/SG).  D.J. Lucas (6'-5" Jr. F) had 2 for Ayala.

As we said, we didn't get a look at Hanford, but they were pretty much outplayed and  struggled, especially in the second quarter as they were held to only 2 points;  But Ayala didn't exactly put in a stellar performance either as they "lost" the fourth quarter 14-4.  Here's the Hanford scoring: Jeff Garner (6'-4" Sr. G/F) 1, Dustin Fults (5'-10" Jr. G) 4, Richard Rose (6'-2" So. G) finished with 12 and was the high scorer for Hanford, followed by James Wartson (6'-3" Sr. G/F) and Ryan Simon (6'-7"  Sr. F/C) and Cale Garamendi (6'-6" Sr. F) with 8 each. Lenny McAllister (5'-11" So. PG) had 3.

Here's the scoring by quarters:

Ayala 18, 11, 24, 4
Hanford 15, 2, 10, 14

Hanford drops to the consolation bracket and will play LA Jordan on Monday at 5:45 p.m. at Lakewood High in Game 22, while Ayala advances to play Clovis West in the winner's bracket at 11:30 a.m. on Monday in the East Gym at Long Beach State.

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