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Best In The West Day One: Game No. 10
LA Washington Surprises Pomona--(Dec. 27, 1998)

Washington 62, Pomona 42

This game surprised more than a few people. In fact there were some who were shocked, thinking Pomona was the clear favorite going in. Well, those who thought that were obviously wrong.  The Generals had a pretty balanced scoring attack, with four players scoring in double figures:  Nehemiah Campbell (6'-4" Sr. F) had 10 points, Rodney Anderson (6'-1" Sr. G) had 14, Lewis Woods (5'-11" Sr. PG) had 12, and a player listed as "McGee" in the scorer's book, but who wasn't otherwise lised in the roster, had 10.  We didn't catch his name or get a real good look at him,but we'll try to find something out about him later.  Antoine Parker (5'-10"  So. PG) had 4 points and exhibited a good handle and ball control, and Eugene Moore (6'-6" Jr. F) showed that despite being a big banger he can do some things and get up and down the floor in a hurry; he finished with 3 points.  David Warsaw (5'-11" So. PG/SG) scored 4 points. Only Michael Torday (5'-10" Sr. PG/SG) Darrell Bagsby (5'-9" Sr. PG/SG), Dontae Foster (6'-2" Fr. G) and Timothe Fehoko (6'-1" Fr. G) didn't score.

Pomona was never really able to get going, and when we left this game for the first time during the first half, about midway through the second quarter, Washington was up 20-4, and Pomona was struggling all over, both offensively and defensively. Shomari Sarpy (6'-9"  Sr. SF/PF) had great difficulty keeping a handle on the ball, missed some close in shots, and in general just seemed to be having a really bad day, and we know that he's a much better player than the 12 points he collected, so we suspect something was up.  And it didn't look like Aaron Thomas played at all, at least we never saw him on the floor so maybe Shomari was just off for that reason.  Sarpy was the high scorer for Pomona, so you know things just weren't much better anywhere else.  Anthony Gillmore (6'-7" Sr. F) was the next highest with 9, followed by Lionel Brown (6'-1" Jr. G) with 8,  Chris Lee (6'-4" Sr. G/F) with 7, Ryan Shelby (6'-5" Sr. G/F) with 6, and Raymond Holden (5'-8" Sr. PG) who scored 2 points.

Pomona isn't going to have it any easier when they face Damien on Monday in the consolation bracket game at 4:10 p.m. at the Lakewood High Gym (game 21), and they'll have to find the answer by then for guys like Sam Roy and the rest of the Damien team.  Washington advances to the winner's half of the bracket and they'll play Long Beach Poly on Monday at Long Beach State in the East gym at 10:00 a.m. in game 29.

Here's the scoring by quarters:

Pomona 4 6 15 18
Washington 10 14 17 20

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